VIDEO | Tremendous kick in the face to goalkeeper; they buried studs

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Rio de janeiro Brazil / 31.01.2021 17:41:07

Douglas Friederich, goalkeeper of the Bay of the Brazilian Serie A, he will never forget the game this Sunday against him Vasco da Gama; not because a superb performance was commanded, but because they buried the studs in his face, in a play in which defender Leandro Castán measured the ball very badly.

It was the 80th minute of the match at the Sao Januario Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The reality is that nothing happened to the game, so in a set piece, in his attempt to open the scoring, Leandro Castán let his entire left leg go in search of the ball.

However, the only thing that was found was the face of the poor archer Dietrich, which not only received the impact, but also He buried all the studs of the loot, whereupon he immediately asked for assists.

In the first instance, the referee had marked the infraction and a yellow card; Nevertheless, After reviewing it in the VAR, he changed his decision and got the direct red.

Castán still claimed why they expelled him... the game ended goalless.


Actually, The goalkeeper was not sooooo bad… Oh okay; you judge.



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