U5-U8 Total handball competition in Glyngøre


Mar 20, 2021 at 09:00 to 16:00


Glyngøre Hallen, Ringvej 24, Glyngøre, Roslev, 7870 Roslev, Denmark


Practitioners, beginners, easy-going

Total handball is a game for children with gunpowder in the buttocks. A great game for the youngest members of the sport of handball.

Should your players’ competition experience be the best?
Total handball helps the children to start developing their basic handball skills at the same time as they get a lot of success experiences – also as a team.

When you and your players participate in a Total Handball Tournament, you get:

  • A game with a lot of energy and a good opportunity for player development.
  • All players activated in the match and everyone has fun. A possible game tutor helps players get a good handball experience and adjusts the rules to suit the age group and level.
  • A game with a soft ball, which also makes it more fun to be a goalkeeper. Players get a better opportunity to throw and grab the ball.
  • Far more ball touches for the individual player, as 4 players are played on each team.

Read the rules here

The course / event is conducted in accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines. This means i.a. that evt. course room lives up to the space requirements that there is alcohol available throughout the course, that any. catering will be served portioned and that the assembly ban be observed.
As the course / event contains activities with body contact, there will be a special focus on spraying before and after the activities. (this passage is deleted if the course does not include body contact)

NB: Stay home if you have disease symptoms.


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