Morelia: Diego Valdés is the face of Monarcas, says Roberto Hernández

Morelia: Diego Valdés is the face of Monarcas, says Roberto Hernández

The strategist of Morelia highlights what Valdés contributes to the Purépecha squad.
          Saturday, August 11, 2018


      Morelos Stadium (Pressport) –
        The reward for Monarcas came after four days, as Roberto Hernandez managed to imbue his team with calm, achieving the second victory of the tournament in Morelos, beating Necaxa 2-1.
"We work in the week to feel the same from minute 1 to 95, sometimes the team looks with anguish and today no, today the team showed personality and character, as well as taking advantage and making them suffer in their court, "he said.
For Hernandez, a fundamental pillar is Diego Valdés because the Chilean makes the armed of the team bearable and having it makes Monarcas great things.
"Diego Valdés is the face of our team, the action goes a lot for him, especially the offensive. Goal situations are there, but when Diego is clear, the team is very powerful, "Hernandez admitted with a smile.
Despite the victory, the helmsman does not throw the bells on the fly, because he recognizes that it is still necessary to specify what he is looking for, making his team more powerful and difficult to beat.
"We lack 'punch', certainty, definition but even with that the team is complying. The team is clear, is growing in that sense and I'm calm because it generates goal options, bad if I did not, "he concluded.


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