Weekend Recap: Itas Mutua Rovigo Continues Serie A Journey with Draws and Wins

ROVIGO – The Serie A journey continues under the banner of drawsItas Mutua Baseball Softball Club Rovigo. On Sunday, coach Soto Diaz’s team hosted the Farma Crocetta (Photo credits: Nicolò Falghera) for the double challenge valid for the fifth round of Group C.

The outcome of the matches is speculative, with the Emilians doing well at winning 5-4 in game one and the Polesians ready to take revenge with the same score in game two. As already happened in game two in Cagliari, the first match against Crocetta left a bit of a bad taste in the mouths of the rossoblù: after the lightning-fast start of the guests, who escaped with a 3-0 lead in the second innings, Itas Mutua had managed to catch up and overcoming their opponents thanks to four winning runs between the sixth and seventh rounds.

On the mountain, at the start Crepaldi they took over first Marelli and then Pietrogrande for the incandescent final, which unfortunately saw the Emilians achieve the counter-overtaking right in the last turn of the attack. Game two was also similar, with Crocetta immediately scoring twice and Rovigo doing well to equalize the score and put the lead between the fourth and fifth rounds. An advantage of one point which, thanks to the good performances on the mountain Riesgo Lopez and Lorenzo Taschin, the rossoblù held on until the final 5-4, countering Crocetta’s comeback attempts blow for blow. Sharing the stakes, Rovigo and Crocetta still find themselves tied at the top of the group standings, but they have also been joined by New Rimini, who have won twice over Padova.

Full haul for the Serie A2 softball girls. The long trip to Nettuno presented notable logistical pitfalls, but on the pitch it did not cause any particular problems for the “Girls”, who prevailed in game one 14-2 and in game two with an even more pyrotechnic 15-0. Both matches ended in the fourth round. Excellent performances on the platform by Begu and Bernardi in race one, and Munaretto and Silvoni in race two. The Group B ranking smiles on the rossoblù girls, who continue to watch their opponents from the top with a balance of 7 successes and only one knockout.

Lights and shadows during the weekend of competitions for the youth teams of the Adriatic Lng Baseball Softball Club Rovigo. L’Under 12 of baseball gave way to Tecnovap Verona for 10-1, while theUnder 15 beat Brescia 14-10. There was also a slip for the Under 14s, overcome by Vicenza 14-5. Clear victory forUnder 13 of softball 20-5 against Castelfranco Veneto, while the Cadets of the Serie C baseball team surrendered to the strong San Martino Buon Albergo 9-1.

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