Introducing EA SPORTS College Football 25: Explosive Gameplay and Authentic Immersion in Modern College Football

Electronic Arts officially revealed this Friday, 17th, EA SPORTS College Football 25, which had been announced this week. Scheduled for release on July 19th on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, the title promises to bring explosive gameplay and authentic immersion into modern-era college football environments. Watch the trailer!

College football fans will be immersed in the sport’s most iconic settings, with famous stadiums, legendary traditions, mascots and commentators who bring game days to life. The presence of the voices of Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, as well as Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer and David Pollack, ensures an authentic and immersive broadcast experience.

See the latest news from EA SPORTS College Football 25:

  • CampusIQ: A feature set that delivers a deep and dynamic experience, allowing players to experience the true essence of college football across all 134 FBS schools.
  • Classic and new modes: Fan-favorite modes like Dynasty and Road To Glory return with improvements, while new Road to the College Football Playoff and College Football Ultimate Team modes provide new online experiences and ways to play.
  • Explosive gameplay: The agile and dynamic gameplay offered by CampusIQ promises to match the frenetic pace of college game days, with player ratings, team levels and personalized passing mechanics.
  • Wear & Tear System: A system that manages players’ health and fatigue, forcing coaches to make strategic decisions to keep their athletes at their peak throughout the season.
  • Pre-Snap Recognition: A feature that increases the importance of decisions before each play, encouraging careful evaluation of players before each snap.
  • Homefield Advantage: A system that simulates the difficulties of playing away from home, with visual and auditory distractions that test players’ composure.

Furthermore, EA SPORTS College Football 25 promises to bring a new standard of greatness in college football, whether it’s allowing players to build their dream team or developing a coaching staff. With different game modes, the title promises to be the most complete of its genre to date. See the modes:

  • Dynasty: Allows players to create a coach and take control of a college football program, recruiting talent and developing a coaching staff with coaching archetypes and skill trees.
  • Road to Glory: Focuses on the life of a student/athlete, where players manage their schedule, GPA and image to achieve the Heisman.
  • Road to the College Football Playoff: It offers a new form of online competition, where players represent their universities and compete to climb the rankings and reach the National Championship.
  • College Football Ultimate Team: Allows you to build a dream team of college football stars and legends, taking on solo challenges and competitive seasons.

Pre-sale and early access to College Football 25

Interested parties can pre-sell EA SPORTS College Football 25with the option of EA SPORTS MVP Bundlewhich includes deluxe editions of College Football 25 e Madden NFL 25, in addition to 3 days of early access and various benefits. EA Play members will get 10-hour early access starting July 16, plus exclusive rewards and discounts on Electronic Arts digital content. The game’s cover features a trio of college football stars: Michigan running back Donovan Edwards; Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers; and Colorado wide receiver/defensive back Travis Hunter.

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