Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence in Ligurian Sports: A Look at the 38th Appointment with Stelle Nello Sport on Primocanale TV

Thirty-eighth appointment 2023-2024 with the Magazine TV of Stars in Sport in prime time on Primocanale. Appointment Thursday at 7.45pm. Appointment on TV also Saturday at 3 pm and there Sunday at 11.30am.

The beauty of sport in Liguria told by Michele Corti and Marco Callai with the support of the editorial staff of LiguriaSport.com. Events, champions, news, stories. A journey among the excellences of Ligurian sport to which Stelle Nello Sport dedicates important visibility for the 25th year.

Sports Festival: from Friday to Sunday at the Porto Antico with 132 sports activities. Mauro Ferrando (President of Porto Antico spa), Luisella Tealdi (Events Manager of Porto Antico spa), Simona Ferro (Sports Councilor of the Liguria Region) and Alessandra Bianchi (Sports Councilor of the Municipality of Genoa) speak.

Friday and Saturday on World Football Freestyle Contest lights up the Old Port. Let’s find out everything with Paolo Rossi (Organizer of the World Football Freestyle Contest). FIV, I-Zona and Coast Guard at the Sports Festival together for one shipwreck simulation exercise. The story of Maurizio Buscemi (President I-Zona FIV).

“Hemophilia and sport”: the benefits of physical activity in safety with Vita, the project illustrated by Sergio Mori (President of Centro Polisportivo Vita), Claudio Molinari (Gaslini Hospital and University of Genoa), Carola Falconi (Centro Polisportivo Vita) and Anna Paola Pastorino (Gaslini Hospital ). Focus on 34th “Genoa City of Colombo” Tournament together with Rosario Valastro (President of Marassi Judo), Simona Ferro (Councillor for Sport of the Liguria Region) and Rachele Paris (Marassi Judo). Auxilium Basket in the name of Yuri and Sister Clara, a tournament supported by Iren and Stelle nelle Sport and relived in the words of Peppe Fusco (PGS Auxilium Basket Manager). The 2024 “Aequilibrium Cup” Territorial Trophy in Alassio and Albenga, Anna Del Vigo (President of FIPAV Liguria) tells us everything

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2024-05-21 17:37:14
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