Viterbo Baseball Club Receives Honors from City Council and Panathlon Viterbo

VITERBO – We receive and publish: “May 12th was a memorable day for the Viterbo Baseball Club, difficult to forget: the first home match of Serie C on the day in which mothers are celebrated.

What made the event unique, however, was the availability of an administration that was not only present, but participated in the rebirth of this sport in our capital.
The president of Panathlon Viterbo, Giancarlo Bandini and the delegated councilor for sport, Emanuel ARONNE, greeted and honored our boys who entered the field with helmets and pink socks. The councilor had the privilege of throwing the first ball of the match. We would like to mention the City Council to whom our heartfelt thanks go because in recent months its presence has been fundamental in giving new life and new colors to this beautiful baseball field in the heart of S. Barbara.

This sport in Viterbo has a long history to tell and in the past years it has been the protagonist: this is demonstrated by the names of high level athletes who have “lived and played” in the Massini field: Livio QUATRINI, Alessandro and Francesco VAGLIO, Maurizio ANDRETTA, Andrea SGNAOLIN, Leonardo CEPPARI, Riccardo GENTILI, Maurizio VINCENTI, Francesco PETRETTI and our first team coach Federico MORINI.

Also very important names are those of the technicians to whom we must extend a big thank you for continuing to provide an essential contribution even today. Among these we remember Alberto MASSINI, whose CV saw him involved in the Viterbo Serie A, in the national team and in various teams in Italy such as Grosseto and Macerata.

A mention is also due for Raffaele Gentili, also a great coach in the youth teams and in the Italian national team and our Roberto FORTUNATI who this year will lead the regional Junior team of Lazio at the Tournament of Regions. The new company is trying to restore prestige to what was, hoping to bring Viterbo baseball back to the levels it deserves.

Thanks again to our Municipality for supporting this journey of ours.”

2024-05-18 09:20:23
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