Elite Archery Championship 2024: The Winner announced today

Havana.- THE WINNER The title for mixed teams will be announced today during the continuation of the Elite Archery Championship 2024, which brings together the main figures of this sport in the main city of Sancti Spiritus.

The duets formed by Pinar del Río residents Hugo Franco and Emily Gutiérrez and the hosts Javier Vega and Yailín Paredes went directly to the semifinals.

While the winners in the duels between Cienfuegos-Matanzas and Las Tunas-Artemisa, agreed upon based on the results of their members in the double round at 70 meters in the recurve bow modality, will complete the list of medal contenders.

On the day, the semi-final matches corresponding to the individual competition for each sex will also be held, encouraged by the leaders of the teams contested by the all-against-all system.

Among the most attractive confrontations in the men’s section is the one between the local Vega and the Las Tunas player Juan José Santiesteban. Together with Franco, they form the backbone of the national team that last year achieved good results at the international level.

On the other hand, Franco will take on a less demanding challenge against Iván Pérez from Artemis. However, it is worth noting that he showed a good performance in the double lap at 70 meters, adding 618 valid units to close as fourth in the ranking, behind Hugo (653), Juan José (637) and Vega (632).

“I think that in general sense the boys did well in the qualification round, especially Hugo, who competes without stopping training for the next event in which he will seek the Olympic ticket,” he said. JIT coach Reiter Téllez.

Among the women, the prelude to the fight for the individual scepter will feature the arm-wrestling between Larissa Pagán from Havana and Melani Rodríguez from Pinar del Río, and the one that Maydenia from Matanzas will animate along with the host Estefani Delgado.

Larissa had the best performance in the double lap at 70 meters with 608 lines to her account. Without ceasing to appear as the main favorite, we will have to wait for the outcome of these matches, because surprises can always arise.

2024-05-18 13:23:41
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