Tai’an City Badminton Competition Promotes Fitness and Happiness for Thousands of Families

  Luwang News on May 26 In order to polish the party-building brand of “Fitness Tai’an, Happiness of Thousands of Families” and continuously improve the satisfaction of mass sports, the Tai’an City Badminton Competition, one of the first national fitness series activities of “Fitness Tai’an, Happiness of Thousands of Families” in Tai’an City in 2024, was held at the Tai’an City National Fitness Center on May 25. The competition was hosted by the Tai’an Sports Federation and organized by the Tai’an Sports Charity Association.

The event attracted 37 teams from various counties (cities, districts), functional areas, municipal departments and enterprises in Tai’an City, with nearly 200 athletes participating. At the opening ceremony, the wonderful warm-up program attracted cheers from the audience and athletes. The athletes of each team were full of energy and eager to compete, and the atmosphere was warm.

“I am very honored to participate in the Tai’an Badminton Competition, one of the first national fitness series activities in Tai’an City. We come to the competition with the purpose of friendship first and competition second. I hope to exchange skills with the majority of badminton enthusiasts in the competition and experience the joy and charm of badminton together.” said athlete Mr. Wang.

It is reported that this competition will last for two days and will have four groups, A, B, C and D. The competition is divided into two stages: group round-robin and cross-elimination. Groups A, B and C are team competitions, with mixed doubles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles. Group D has men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The top three in each group will be awarded trophies and certificates of honor.

In recent years, under the guidance of the “Fitness Tai’an, Happiness of Ten Thousand Families” party-building pioneer brand, Tai’an City National Fitness Service Center has unswervingly implemented the new development concept, insisted on putting people at the center, and upheld the concept of “openness, sharing, integration, and innovation” to provide sports that satisfy the people. Tai’an Sports Federation will launch the first national fitness series of activities in 2024, covering badminton, table tennis, basketball, chess and card sports, dance exchange competitions, etc., aiming to provide citizens with a platform to strengthen their bodies, enhance exchanges, and build a harmonious society, constantly meet the people’s growing fitness needs and yearning for a better life, make the masses feel happier, and let more people enjoy the health and happiness brought by sports, and promote the development of healthy Tai’an sports. (Reporter of this website)

Editor-in-charge: Zhang Bin

2024-05-26 22:44:24
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