Cotonou gears up for the Basketball 3×3 ‘African Quest 2024’ with DREALS team visit

Basketball 3×3 “African Quest 2024”: Cotonou welcomes the DREALS team on October 26 and 27

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The program for the Dreals Paris African tour for its new season is known. Indeed, the agency which organizes the African Professional 3×3 Basketball League will hold the “African Quest 2024” in 14 stages. It will be generally from June 29 to November 17. And according to the calendar, the Cotonou stage, the 12th on the program, will be held on October 26 and 27. This period is the one chosen in agreement with the Beninese basketball federation which has set up 3×3 tournaments nationally. This arrival of the Dreals team promises to be beautiful and exciting to the extent that it will allow the women’s and men’s 3×3 teams from all categories at the Senior, U23, U18, U16 levels to qualify for the competitions. official FIBA ​​events including the 3×3 FIBA ​​World Tour (WT) and the Asia Master. Regarding the content of this year’s program, Dreals Paris will address several aspects of 3×3 basketball in all Open Houses, including: physical preparation, teaching specific fundamentals of 3×3 and sessions video analysis; strategy sessions: building 3×3 teams and 3×3 game tactics and techniques. In doing so, Dreals Paris plans to support the 3×3 basketball tournaments set up by the national basketball federations, setting up sessions to strengthen the organizational and technical capacities of the teams in order to open up opportunities for them to practice basketball. 3×3 basketball, which will then allow them to increase their representation and move up in the ranking. Please note that the African tour will start in Mombasa and end in Johannesburg.

Here is the overall schedule


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