Jiangxi formed a U-series basketball team Wan Guangming attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech_Nanchang_Aspect_Sports

Original title: Jiangxi formed a U-series basketball team Wan Guangming attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech On June 18, the municipal government, the Provincial Sports Bureau and Nanchang University held the signing ceremony of the tripartite cooperation framework agreement for the formation of the Jiangxi U-series basketball team, marking that Jiangxi is about […]

Demonstrating healthy demeanor Changsha holds district/county (city) “Public Servant Cup” basketball game_Hunan Moment_Sports Channel

Red Net Moment News June 11(Reporter Zhou Yumo) On the evening of June 10, the 2022 Changsha District (City) “Public Servant Cup” basketball game opened in the gymnasium of Yali Academy Middle School. This “Public Servant Cup” basketball game is hosted by Changsha Municipal Sports Bureau, organized by Tianxin District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau, […]

Linyi Urban Investment Sports Industry Group and Linyi Zaoyuan Middle School launched the “big hand holding small hand forever with the party” volunteer activity- Linyi Channel

  Lu.net May 30th On May 27, Linyi Urban Investment Sports Industry Group joined hands with Linyi Zaoyuan Middle School to carry out the volunteer activity of “holding big hands and small hands with the party forever”. Ren Yonghong, Deputy General Manager of Linyi City Investment Sports Industry Group, Sun Liangliang, Deputy Director of Human Resources […]

Tencent Sports was exposed to adjust the organizational structure, and the six major business groups including the football and basketball operation group were revoked – yqqlm

IT House news on May 20, according to The Paper, due to changes in the external market environment and adjustments to the company’s business, Tencent internally issued a “Notice on the Organizational Structure Adjustment of the OVBU Sports Business Department”, combined with Tencent’s overall organization Decisions to optimize work and make adjustments to Tencent’s sports […]

Tang You Cup enters Chengdu time – Luwang Sports Channel

In recent years, a number of top domestic and international badminton events have been held in Chengdu.Photo courtesy of Chengdu Sports Bureau On the 15th, the 2022 Thomas Cup and Uber Cup (hereinafter referred to as the Tom Yu Cup), which represents the highest honor of the badminton team, came to an end in Bangkok, […]