No matter what Pogacar does in the Giro, it makes someone feel bad

No matter what Pogacar does in the Giro, it makes someone feel bad

We mentioned it the other day, Tadej Pogacar is going to be asked in this Giro to square the circle or alchemy the golden alley of Prague.

I don’t know what is expected of the Slovenian, to be honest, and I say this with a certain sadness because every afternoon that I see him fly at that level I think about the history that we are witnessing live and direct.

That is the reality, neither more nor less.

Pogacar won his fifth stage of the 2024 Giro at the top of Monte Pana, his fourth dressed in pink and his 12th victory of 2024.

A triumph that he himself counted when crossing the finish line, moments before one of the gestures of the race, even without having finished yet, that of the leader giving the jersey and glasses to the second placed, Guilio Pellizzariwhom he overtook very late in the stage.

Many expected a gesture like that of Jalabert to Bert Dietz or another that went more unnoticed, but that happened, from Purito with Matteo Rabotinni in Pian de Resinelli in the Giro that he almost won.

In both cases the leader of the race stopped short of overtaking the escapee to let him win.

Pogacar decided that no, that he would not give up the victory and overtook Pellizzari, about whom they speak wonders, to leave him second.

It does well, no, the following.

Because in the end you complete the career you want and can, in the way you please without having to answer to anyone or anyone.

If the best wants to demonstrate it daily, “avanti”, in the end this is short, the miseries are not few and the glory is ephemeral, it is better to squeeze it as best as possible.

Tadej Pogacar connects with a lineage of cyclists who are unique in time and historyis very good, his record is growing in quantity and quality and he wants to leave a mark.

Furthermore, in what we saw in Monte Pana, he or his team had little or nothing to do with the failure of the escape, completely aborted by Movistar.

Keep an eye on the Giro that Pogacar is going to hold, if nothing goes wrong, because we see records, legendary records, here history is written in a big way.

And as long as he continues doing what he rotates, few champions have won so much and so insistently generating so much empathy with the public.

Image: FB Giro d’Italia

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