Nettuno Softball City Faces Mixed Results in Doubleheader Against Pantere Lucca

Nettuno Softball City faced two matches with a completely different outcome on the field of delle Nuove Pantere Lucca, game one ended in the fourth inning with the score 10 to 0, the second swing of results with the green and blue team capitulating to the last Tuscan attack.

In game one, manager De Cesaris relies on the following lineup: Casano battery on the pitching pad, catcher Ghioldi, diamond at third Mastropasqua, shortstop Pouye (Sferlazzo), second base Passa, first base Bassi to the fielders from the left Lagler, Mancini (Mazzoni) and Passa, and Di Stasio in the role of DP.

While the first Neptune attack ends with three quick outs, the hosts score two points, on the situation of one out, a runner on second and third, Neverauskaitè’s sacrifice fly gives Lucca the advantage, while Meoni is caught in a trap and touched by the Neptune defense. between second and third it would be out for everyone, but the referee on the field doesn’t call it out and on the next shooting error Meoni scores 2-0.

Game one archived, another 3 points in the second inning and 5 in the fourth inning which ends game one with the score 10 to 0, and the opposing pitcher Pergola does not allow any hits to the Nettuno attack.

Here is the box score for game one

The second match was completely different with Nettuno showing off a good performance with the second strength of Group B, and left with a bitter taste for the final result, but not for the performance, responding blow for blow and complaining for some unrealized opportunities.

The team in the battery field has been redesigned with Lagler on the plate, receiving left-handed players, diamond with Casano (Mastropasqua) at third, Sferlazzo shortstop, Cultraro at second and Bassi on the first cushion, Pouye fielders on the left, Mazzoni in the center and Di Stasio (Pirro ) To the right.

Quick first inning for both, and Nettuno takes the lead in the second without valid batting takes advantage of the poor control of the opposing pitcher base to Pouye, Mancini hit, base to Sferlazzo and Casano, wild pitch and base to Di Stasio makes it 2 to 0, with the bases full, a change of pitcher for the hosts who manages to close without conceding any points.

The Lucca panthers respond with 4 points, reversing the result, but Nettuno does not allow itself to be overwhelmed, and with an attentive defense it supports Lagler’s work by keeping the result in balance, closing even in complicated situations, and the attack that fails to finding the decisive high note even with a minimum of bad luck, like in the fourth inning with the bases full a nice line from Lagler is caught out on the fly by the opposing third baseman.

The reaction arrives in the sixth inning with the situation of two outs, single by Cultaro, Mazzoni wins base on balls, Lagler’s triple to the right is worth the Neptune draw, the attack does not stop in the next inning opened by Pouye’s single, pushed in second from Mancini’s diamond serve with the opponent’s error, Mastropasqua’s single makes it 5-4 and Cultraro’s triple pushes home two more points for Neptune’s 7-4.

It’s a shame for the match’s epilogue: three consecutive singles, an intentional base and Meoni’s triple are worth the victory for the Nuove Pantere Lucca who are increasingly in the play-off zone.

Here is the box score of game two

For Nettuno Softball City on Sunday 02 June at Campo Pineschi, Crocetta Softball arrives with which the first round will close, an opportunity to return to victory and build a return round completely different from the first round. Naturally, the support of the home crowd will be needed to achieve two fundamental victories for the Neptune team’s championship.

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