Piergiorgio Ienco Wins Bronze at Italian Judo Championships: A Rising Star in the Making

Congratulations also from the mayor Giuseppe Pitta

At just 13 years old, Piergiorgio Ienco he has already shown himself to be a promising young player in Italian judo. With ten years of practice behind her, she reached an important milestone yesterday winning the bronze medal at the Fijlkam Italian Championships for Beginners B A2 category, held at the GeoPalace of Olbia.

Around 500 athletes took part in the national championships and competed on the tatami to win the titles in the different categories. Furthermore, 255 companies from different Italian regions were present. As can be read from the organisation’s press release, at a national level, the event is of great importance for young athletes, as it contributes to determining the national ranking of the most talented rookies in Italy and offers the opportunity to qualify for the national championships Category A1.

The athlete of Juvenilia Scioscia sports clubcurrently a brown belt, has shown great skill and determination, qualities that have allowed him to emerge despite his young age.
The coach Felice Scioscia, as well as Piergiorgio’s grandfather, also expressed his satisfaction through social media: “Arriving with your athlete at a final of the Italian judo championships is a great satisfaction but when the athlete is your GRANDSON you are in heaven”.

Piergiorgio’s feat was also praised by the mayor of Lucera, Giuseppe Pitta, who complimented the young athlete in a post on Facebook:

Congratulations to Piergiorgio Ienco, born in 2011, bronze medal at the Italian judo beginners B A2 championships, held in Olbia. A young athlete from the Polisportiva Juvenilia Scioscia of Maestro Felice Scioscia. Congratulations and long live sport in all its forms.”

Congratulations also from the Lucerabynight editorial team. Piergiorgio’s success not only represents an important recognition for him and his family, but also a source of pride for the entire community of Lucera.

The Editorial Staff

(photo from Felice Scioscia’s social profile)

2024-05-26 17:23:35
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