Memorial Marco Capelli Dragon Trophy: Terni Hosts Archery Event with Impressive Results

The 4th edition of the Memorial Marco Capelli, Dragon Trophy, archery was held in Terni at the Archery Training Center.

1100 athletes who took part, coming from all over Italy.

Among the participants in the event, signed by Arcieri Città di Terni, there were also important names in archery including David Pasqualucci (Olympic arch) of the Air Force and Lorenzo Gubbini (compound) bearer of the home club who broke the Italian record with 1407 points.

Stefano Tombesi with Filippo Tombesi and Lorenzo Gubbini

The results obtained by the Terni Archers were very good.

In total four gold medals were awarded: Gabriele Monaldi (Olympic bow) in the junior men’s category with 1191 points, Riccardo Gasponi (bare bow) in the master men’s category with 1221 points, the third gold came with the senior men’s compound team made up of Gubbini, Filippo Tombesi and Stefano Tombesi with 4006 points and the men’s master bare bow team made up of Gasponi, Centofanti and Panunzi with 2952 points.

Also noteworthy is Lorenzo Lucini’s silver in the men’s boys’ Olympic with 1309 points.

Finally, the overall winners were awarded in both the men’s and women’s categories in the three Olympic, compound and bare bow divisions at the maximum distance of 70/50 metres.

“A beautiful day of sport in the name of friendship – commented the president of the Archers City of Terni Stefano Tombesi – Marco Capelli was family for all of us, which is why we were very pleased to be able to count on a large delegation from Lombardy led by the president of the committee Gianluigi Alberti. We also organized a tourist tour for them to raise awareness of the beauties of our territory.”

“Lombardy with the memory of Marco Capelli and the friendship that existed and exists with the Arcieri Città di Terni could not fail to be here – stated Gianluigi Alberti, president of the Lombardy Committee – the best thing is being among friends. Furthermore, this tournament is also a good test for what could be the Regions’ Cup.”

“Marco had a piece of his heart here – the words of Elena Aletti, wife of Marco Capelli – Lombardy has been inextricably linked to Terni also in the memory of Marco who always felt at home when he came here as we actually do”.

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