Broken Dreams: The Detroit Pistons’ Disastrous 2023-24 NBA Season

When you are the first NBA team to see your season results deciphered, your season has probably been broken. For the Pistons you can even remove the “probably” and replace it with “literally”. Because it was long, very long, including a series of… 28 consecutive defeats during the season.

What TrashTalk announced

21 victories for Alex, 24 for Bastien, who also saw the Pistons abandon last place in the East to the Wizards. The question of death? It was daring, but it was very timely: “Killian Hayes, is his future in Detroit, is his future in the NBA?” Oops. The People’s Gold Gerards were awarded to Jalen Duren and Cade Cunningham, two young people who were counted on to make the Pistons’ season something not too bland. Oops number 2.

What really happened

A season spent chasing a whole bunch of shameful records before chasing a place in the Lottery, all to ultimately only collect the fifth pick of the next Draft. And we could stop there.

More precisely ? The Pistons were exciting for three games at the very start of the season, with Jalen Duren in All-Star mode the first week and a 2-1 record that Detroit fans would have liked to hang in time. Indeed, after these two inaugural victories the Pistons will suffer a terrible 0-28, setting absolutely all the records in terms of defeats over a season, over two seasons even. The victory against the Raptors on December 28 is the only one in 35 games, the statistics are incredible and on the field, obviously, there is nothing or almost nothing to eat.

One of the highlights of the season will come at the beginning of February, trade deadline time, when the Killian Hayes project ends after four tasteless years. Another major move, everything is relative, the departure of Bojan Bogdanovic to New York and the arrival in return of Evan Fournier, released from his New York jails but who will not explode too much in Michigan (7, 2 points at 37%). In the end there was little individual satisfaction, a bit of Ausar Thompson who despite everything showed some good things, the second rookie Marcus Sasser who also showed himself a little, and a season which ultimately “allowed” Monty Williams to ‘use around 450 players for the same result: all we do is lose. Cade Cunningham played 62 games, not bad, his stats are borderline All-Star but he’s missing about 40 wins in the season for us to talk about it again, strongly in fact, because all we want today, it’s forgetting this catastrophic 2023-24 season.

The Pistons season in a few articles

The image of the season

The disappointed faces of Pistons fans, completely dejected in December, and who then prayed to all the Gods for a simple victory. Nothing but a victory, which ultimately took TWO MONTHS to arrive, on December 28 against the Raptors. Alleluia.

Why we can smile

Because young core is “not too gross”. Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey on the back lines, Ausar Thompson on the wing and Jalen Duren in the paint, it probably won’t get a ring in three years but well coached the quartet still looks good! With Isaiah Stewart signed for a long lease and present to play bouncers, the “fantastic” four (yes we dared) still have a nice margin, Cade Cunningham in the lead. All-Star level hoped for, even expected, and if Cade turns into a real boss a hierarchy could be established. Add to that the pick 5 of the next Draft and we can almost talk about a young project, before switching to the yellow project, that of the Pastis cook when the Pistons are at 4-28 between Christmas and New Year’s Day .

Why we can be angry

Because the Pistons have been terrible for five seasons now, that’s a very long time. 20, 20, 23, 17 and 14, this is not the summary of a crazy week for Simone Fontecchio in scoring but rather the number of victories for the Michigan franchise over the past five years. Good last in the League over the period, we are therefore starting off on a dunce’s cap on the 2020 decade with – it’s the height of it – no empathy as the project has seemed razor sharp since 2020. Certainly, Cade Cunningham’s injuries do not don’t help but the contribution of Dwane Casey was not the most legendary and that of Monty Williams, although shod at a high price, did not set out to be etched in stone either. The cloud of loss is gigantic, we are just waiting for it to clear up.

And what’s next?

Project stalled or not far away, let’s not be afraid of words. We talked above about the “magic” Cunningham / Ivey / Thompson / Duren square, we will have to decide soon if we pay these people. Only Isaiah Stewart has a contract in Detroit, great, and before thinking about players we will have to think about decision-makers, with the franchise’s current desire to poach a little genius like Tim Connelly to finally make the right decisions. head of the sports project. The Detroit Pistons are a historic franchise in the NBA but for the past five years, they have been historically terrible. Is it possible to stop the machine and get back to making us love it? Thank you, it’s for an old friend who is a little nostalgic.

One more season in hell for the Pistons, it’s starting to happen. 2023-24 in the retro, the desire to see them get back to work to finally honor again the colors that matter in the NBA. Is it possible or are we asking too much?

Source : ESPN

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