Miami Dolphins Player Tyreek Hill Stunned by Little Boy at Training Camp

Miami Dolphins player Tyreek Hill had a great moment during his training camp with a boy he faced one-on-one.

It all started when Hill extended his hand to the little boy but did not want to give it to him and it seems that the boy took it personally, since, at the time when Hill played defender, he served as receiver.

The boy started with a diagonal trajectory to the right and then crossed to the left in a kind of slant, pursued by Tyreek, although he managed to catch the ball when making a stop.

Subsequently, the little boy advanced to the surprise and support of all the people present and even had the opportunity to leave the Dolphins receiver on the ground before reaching the end zone.

The little boy’s teammates in camp ran to celebrate with him after surpassing the NFL player, who – in 2023 – recorded 1,799 yards with the Miami Dolphins.

2024-05-20 22:22:12
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