Bitter Defeat on the Golf Course: FC Bayern’s Thomas Müller and Winter Sports Stars Face Off

Bitter Defeat on the Golf Course: FC Bayern’s Thomas Müller and Winter Sports Stars Face Off
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    Footballer Thomas Müller and former ski racer Felix Neureuther compete against luge racers on the golf course. But the match does not end as hoped.

    Munich – The 2023/24 Bundesliga season is over and for the first time in a long time, FC Bayern failed to win a title. After a series of stressful and exhausting weeks, the professionals of the German record champions are looking for a welcome change. Thomas Müller finds relaxation on the golf course and has met up for a match with three winter sports enthusiasts.

    Müller from FC Bayern meets three winter sports enthusiasts on the golf course

    “We have the ‘Battle of the Alps’ here. Here are the luge athletes from Berchtesgaden – and here is the third-placed team from the Bundesliga,” said Müller in a short Instagram video in which he can be seen together with the luge athletes Tobias Arlt and Tobias Wendl. The former ski racer Felix Neureuther is also on the golf course.

    Müller and Neureuther form the “World Selection” team and compete against the luge team. Shortly before the 18th hole, Müller gives an insight into the current score in another short Instagram video: “Excitement on the 18th, the luge players are in the lead. One up, the tension is palpable.”

    Thomas Müller with three winter sports stars on the golf course. © Instagram/esmuellert

    Müller’s enthusiasm for Felix Neureuther’s performance on the 18th hole is clearly noticeable. “Very good, very good Felix, he’s going in. We’re back in the race, we can equalize on the 18th! And they’re nervous,” said the 34-year-old. After the last hole, the score was tied. “I hope we get an extra hole,” both teams agreed.

    Müller and Neureuther suffer bitter defeat against Rodler at Golf

    In the “extension” of the match, the “World Selection” team showed nerves. “The tables have turned. Neureuther is out, Müller is in the water and the lugers are completely confident. It looks like a boring final putt. Neureuther and Müller will lose, we have to be honest about that,” said Müller, disappointed.

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    At the end, Müller unexpectedly gets another chance to equalize, but misses his putt from close range. The Bayern star is stunned and sinks to the ground while the lugers celebrate their victory. “It was a relatively unfortunate loss at the end. I ran out of gas,” said Müller. The losing duo ultimately have to pay off their bet debts and do push-ups, which visibly pleased the luge Olympic champions. (smr)

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