Barcelona’s Immediate Future Hangs in the Balance with Laporta, Xavi, and Deco at the Helm

Barcelona’s Immediate Future Hangs in the Balance with Laporta, Xavi, and Deco at the Helm

The immediate future of Barcelona It is being decided at the moment. John Laporta It is in the Sports City, where they are also Deco y Xavi, the latter is leading the training session. The presence of the Catalan president is not usual in the facilities of Sant Joan Despí, Therefore, their presence implies conversations with those responsible for the technical area.

The bench of Barça is being debated at the moment. He Barcelona has already agreed with Hansi Flick his arrival to the Catalan team, although it is not closed, but John Laporta has not yet been directly and formally transferred to Havi qhe doesn’t have it. The lawyer’s initial intention was to do so on Monday, once the LaLiga, but with his presence in the Ciudad Deportiva it is not ruled out that events may move forward. There is, however, nothing certain.

The top leader, who a month ago was excited to confirm the former midfielder in the position, arrived at the facilities around 12:00 noon, shortly before the end of the culés’ training session, which started at 11. Almost At the same time, he also entered the premises, where he has his office, Deco. Shortly after, it also arrived John Solermanager responsible for youth football.

Laporta breaks down crying talking about Xavi


The technician terrace As always, he directed the session at the Ciudad Deportiva. Even though he is aware of the movements they are making Deco and the president to relieve him on the bench, he has been his work routine without any alteration. In fact, he still has the press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.

The door He has attended the Ciudad Deportiva on previous occasions, but normally he has done so in the days before important matches, like before crossing the PSG in the Champions. This is not the case today.

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