B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT: Growing Future Basketball Players Across Japan

The “Slam Dunk Scholarship,” jointly run by manga artist Takehiko Inoue and Shueisha Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereafter “Shueisha”), will cooperate with the Japan Professional Basketball League (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Chairman: Shinji Shimada, hereafter “B.LEAGUE”), a public interest incorporated association, to continue the “B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT” from last year, which provides lessons (clinics) to develop future basketball players for elementary school students nationwide. This year will be the second time the project has been held.

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This project will hold basketball clinics with the cooperation of B.LEAGUE clubs nationwide to broaden the possibilities for children who are taking up basketball or experiencing the sport for the first time. The clinics, which are scheduled to be held in 13 locations, will be attended by scholarship students who have gained experience abroad through the “Slam Dunk Scholarship” and current B.LEAGUE players. The program will teach children the charm of basketball through a program that teaches them the techniques and fun of the sport.

◆ B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT opening summary

Organizer: B.LEAGUE

Co-organized by Shueisha/Slam Dunk Scholarship

Sponsors: SoftBank Corp., Japan Post Co., Ltd., Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Overview: Programs run by B.LEAGUE teams (players/staff) and Slam Dunk scholarship recipients

Clinic (experience the fun of basketball)

Talk show and Q&A session (learning about future options)

Target: 1st to 6th grade students at elementary schools nationwide

Participation fee: Free

 Date: 1) Sunday, July 7, 2024 at Ariake Arena, Tokyo (includes a ticket to watch the Japan National Team International Friendly Match)

② Late July to August 2024 (scheduled) Nationwide (hosted by each B.LEAGUE club)


※① will be available from 10AM today, May 24th at the URL above.

*The schedule and application guidelines for event ② will be announced on the project website.

Comment from B.LEAGUE Chairman Shinji Shimada

This summer, the Japanese national 5-on-5 basketball team for both men and women will compete in the Olympics for the second consecutive tournament, and the B.League has recorded an unprecedented number of spectators, and other events that suggest the rise of the so-called “basketball fever” are continuing. In a sport where physical differences are said to have a large impact on the game, we hope that children inspired by the success of the Japanese national team, who have shown their ability to compete on the world stage, will participate in the “B.DUNK KIDS PROJECT” to develop future players, learn about basketball, and experience its charm.

Comment from Takehiko Inoue

For kids who love basketball,

I hope that by participating in B.DUNK, you will be able to experience once again the joy of basketball and the joy of giving it your all.

Takehiko Inoue

Comment from Shueisha

“I want to give back to the sport I love, basketball.”

The Slam Dunk Scholarship was launched with these words from Professor Takehiko Inoue, and this year marks its 18th anniversary. This is a place where the players who are sent as scholarship students encounter a new stimulus called “American basketball.”

Reading, playing games, surfing the internet, studying, watching movies, exercising, talking to people, connecting with others… Our days are filled with new encounters with stimuli. And these moving experiences help us grow.

We at Shueisha launched the “B.DUNK PROJECT” together with the B.League as a place to provide children with an encounter with “basketball.” We hope that this encounter will be a source of nourishment for the future of the children who participate.

This year marks the first time in 48 years that both the men’s and women’s teams have qualified to compete in the Olympics on their own, and interest and expectations for basketball are growing all over Japan.

“I’m interested in basketball but I’ve never played it. I want my child to play basketball but I don’t have the opportunity. For those children and parents, I sincerely hope that this project will be an opportunity to experience basketball.”

Don’t worry. Even the current Japanese national team players and Hanamichi Sakuragi were all beginners at first. Elementary school students, please fall in love with basketball this summer.

◆ B.LEAGUE hosting clubs ※Clubs scheduled to host

*The final participating clubs and dates will be announced on the B.LEAGUE website and official social media accounts at a later date.

*From the top left, Levanga Hokkaido, Iwate Big Bulls, Utsunomiya Brex, Chiba Jets, Alvark Tokyo, Niigata Albirex BB, San-en NeoPhoenix, Nagoya Diamond Dolphins, Kyoto Hannaryz, Hiroshima Dragonflies, Rising Zephyr Fukuoka, Saga Ballooners

Last year’s situation

▼Clinic held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo


▼ Scenes from B.LEAGUE clubs across the country *Excerpts

Fighting Eagles Nagoya ©FE NAGOYA Gunma Crane Thunders ©GUNMA CRANE THUNDERS Ryukyu Golden Kings (venue: Okinawa Arena) Utsunomiya Brex ©TOCHIGI BREX INC.

◆Slam Dunk Scholarship Overview

◆B.LEAGUE Overview

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