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*Please see the press release below for information on the live streaming demonstration experiment at the 2022 National U15 Basketball Championship Ishikawa Prefecture Preliminary Tournament.

Press article:

“SportsBank U15 Basketball Championship

U15 CLUB BASKETBALL GAMES 2023 Ishikawa Prefecture Qualifying” (hereafter: SportsBank Cup) Overview

Date and time: November 23 (Wood), 25 (Tu), 26 (Sun), 2023

Venue: Ipponmatsu Sports Park Gymnasium Sun Arena, etc.

Target: Teams in the U15 category that are members of the JBA (clubs, B youth)

Format: Tournament style championship match

This tournament is sponsored by Hokuriku Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd. and supervised by the Wajima City Basketball Association. will be given the right to participate in “U15 CLUB BASKETBALL GAMES 2024” to be held in Aichi Prefecture.

◆Distribute match videos and scores on SportsBank!

With “SportsBank”, you can not only watch matches via real-time live streaming, but also view score broadcasts accompanying the matches. You can also support the players with the chat function and coin donation function, providing users with a new way to enjoy sports!

[Features you can enjoy at this tournament]

・Live streaming
Watch basketball games in real-time at home or on the go, wherever you are.

・Archive distribution function

You can watch archives of past matches with match records at the time of distribution.

・Score distribution

You can check the player roster and match records in real time.

・Chat function

You can chat with various people in real time while watching the match.

・Coin tipping function

You can express your desire to support by donating money.

*In addition, it also includes functions related to sports team management for those involved in sports! Details are listed in the service description below.

◆How to use

1. Download the app from the URL below or access the service page.

App Store:

Service URL:

2.Click or tap the match in the “Live Stream” column to watch the LIVE broadcast on the match viewing screen.

3. You can use the live chat function by creating an account from “New Registration” at the top right of the screen.

What is SportsBank?

“SportsBank” is a free SNS platform specializing in sports.

・We will centralize various services for teams, players, sports officials, and fans, such as information dissemination, fan community formation, ticket sales, and monthly fan club creation, and will realize the fusion of the entertainment and community nature of SNS with the revenue function. Masu.

・You can stream match video and record scores in real time. You can watch online sports where viewers can chat and donate money.

・You can record players’ practice and physical condition, and check the changes in practice amount on a graph.

– Communication and schedule management within the team is possible.

We aim to create a society where people can burn their full passion for sports by providing opportunities to challenge themselves without being bound by time, economy, location, or any other environment.

Thoughts as a sponsor of the “SportsBank Cup”

The stated objectives of this tournament, “developing players and coaches as human beings” and “creating a place for learning,” are deeply in line with the concept of “SportsBank.”

“SportsBank” is a SNS that connects athletes and their supporters, providing a place to share their daily efforts, the moments of their matches, and their emotions, including the joy of victory. Through this tournament, we hope to watch the U15 players grow and share their momentary emotional movements and passion with even more people.

We are also confident that the community provided by this service will be further energized through this tournament, contributing to the development of local sports culture. SportsBank’s mission is to support local sports and bring their appeal to as many people as possible.

◆“SportsBank” initiatives aimed at creating a recycling-oriented society

There are a wide range of benefits to having a local sports organization host a tournament like this one, with support from local television stations and general businesses. However, in reality, such initiatives are rare and represent a new challenge for the Wajima City Basketball Association.

There are many benefits to collaboration between sports organizations, media, and companies, as listed below.

1. Financial support:Sponsorships and support funds can cover the organization’s operating costs and the costs of hosting the tournament.

2. Regional revitalization:The increase in tourists and participants through the tournament will boost economic activity at local commercial facilities and restaurants.

3. Popularization of sports:By holding tournaments and getting exposure in the media, we can convey the joy and importance of sports to local children and residents.

4. Improving local branding:The success of the tournament and cooperation with sponsoring companies may increase the brand value of the region.

5. Facility maintenance and improvement:Sponsorship funds and profits can be reinvested to improve local sports facilities or build new ones.

6. Building a new network:By collaborating with companies, you can gain new business opportunities and collaboration opportunities.

7. Media exposure:Being featured in media such as television stations and newspapers increases the visibility of the organization.

8. Promoting volunteer activities:By involving local residents in event management and promotional activities, a cooperative system can be built throughout the region.

9. Sustainable operations:Receiving regular sponsorship and support will stabilize the organization’s long-term operations and activities.

10. Regional pride:Successful competitions and events can enhance the sense of unity and pride of local residents.

AsianBride Co., Ltd., the operating body of “SportsBank,” has a corporate mission of “improving society and business.” In order to embody this mission at SportsBank, we will continue to provide various forms of support for the development of local sports culture, while mutually combining stakeholder benefits with the aim of creating a sustainable society. Masu.

Finally, I sincerely hope that this tournament will be a memorable one for all the participating players, coaches, and supporters.

◆Service details

Service name: “SportsBank”

Operating company: Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.

Service details URL for sports people:

App Store:

Service URL:

◆Overview of the operating company

Company name: Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.

Representative: Representative Director Hiroyasu Konishi


(Tokyo Head Office)

7F Shiba Boat Building, 3-1-15 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014

(Kanazawa LAB)

400 Izumocho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0056

I-O Laboratory 1 Building 1F

(Toyama LAB)

5-21 Shinkawaharacho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture 930-0024

Kimachi Terrace 1F


A venture company that plans, develops, and operates IT solutions. We have also established LABs in rural areas and are working on regional revitalization together with local companies by leveraging our IT expertise.

◆Contact us

Operating company: Asian Bridge Co., Ltd.

TEL: 03-5442-2296 (weekdays 11:00~19:00)

Contact form: https://forms.gle/HxjFWTrrtekGkYJH8

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*Please see the press release below for information on the live streaming demonstration experiment at the 2022 National U15 Basketball Championship