He Kansas City Star recently generated controversy by suggesting that Kansas City Chiefs They should replace their kicker, Harrison Butkerafter his graduation speech based on faith in the Benedictine College.

During his speech, Butker suggested that many of the graduates were probably more enthusiastic about marriage and motherhood than with their academic achievements. He also criticized some Catholic leaders for “pushing dangerous gender ideologies among the youth of USA“.

A unique suggestion

The opinion article, written by Peter Hammthe Chiefs are proposed to hire a kicker woman, calling Butker’s comments outdated.

Despite being one of the best kickers in the nflthe suggestion to replace Butker has been met with skepticism.

“For poetic justice after Harrison Butker’s Neanderthal outburst, and because the source of talent is real, The next Kansas City Chiefs kicker should be a woman“, reads the article.

This is not a joke. It’s not unreal. And it would be good for business. Ask the University of Manitoba what ticket sales were like last year.

“Millions of American parents who have had daughters in soccer over the past 30 years can attest to the fact that girls can kick. And in multiple anecdotal scenarios (injuries, Covid-19 disqualifications, etc.), college football coaches have called football coaches. They asked for help and were told that the best prospects were women. In 1997, the prominent soccer player Liz Heaston scored two extra points for the Bearcats from Willamette University in Oregon.

Ashley Martin broke the NCAA Division 1 barrier in 2001 as a kicker for Florida’s Jacksonville State University. Katie Hnida broke the NCAA Division 1-A barrier in 2003, kicking for the University of New Mexico. Sarah Fuller kicked for Vanderbilt against Missouri in November 2020, generating viral waves in social media posts linked to the nonprofit organization Play Like A Girl“.

Meanwhile, NFL is distancing itself from Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker clarifying that “his views are not those of the NFL as an organization.”

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