This Saturday evening, JL Bourg was traveling to Nanterre to try to finish the job on the road. A match ultimately won by Juhann Begarin and his friends (90-84), in which Zaccharie Risacher was simply prodigious.

Little game of ping-pong at the moment, between Zaccharie Risacher and Tidjane Salaün.

After the enormous performance of the Cholet winger on Wednesday evening against Paris Basketball, we wondered how Risacher would respond. Well-known eyes were also present at Game 1 of Zaccharie at home, with a trio straight from the Atlanta Hawks who were on site. Change of atmosphere this Saturday evening, direction Nanterre to face Bastien Pinault and company.

And the least we can say? This is because the atmosphere and the stakes did not scare the young Risacher, author of an exceptional performance for his second Playoff match.

28 points and 6 rebounds at 11/16 shooting for the JL kid.

The highlights of Zaccharie Risacher’s match (28 points) against Nanterre this Saturday evening.

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Aggressive from the start of the match, we saw Zaccharie deploy his long segments and his great athletic qualities to finish at the hoop, before showing off his three-point wrist crunch. With 16 points at halftime, we already felt that we were witnessing something extraordinary. Then the second half did not calm down the young Risacher, who even showed his good reading of the game by feinting at three points before going to crush everything at the hoop, the kind of sequence which will wake up our friends from Atlanta as well as other franchises announced at the top of the 2024 Draft.

A poorly timed passage to the bench followed by a few crucial loose balls at the end of the match marred the overall performance a bit, but all people were talking about on the networks after the final buzzer was Zaccharie Risacher’s performance. A defeat which must go badly for Frédéric Fauthoux’s men, but they will have the opportunity to make up for it in front of their home crowd in a few days in order to end the series at home. In the meantime, we’ll let you enjoy Zacch’s highlights, which will soon be making their way across the Atlantic…

See you Monday evening at the Ekinox for a monumental Game 3, we will see if Risacher can duplicate and his team – this time – win!

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