20th Annual Sports Festival Celebrates Children’s Participation in Genoa’s Old Port

As many as 2138 children, belonging to 114 classes and accompanied by 226 teachers, walked the 53 sports areas distributed over the over 130,000 square meters of the Old Port of Genoa. The School Olympics, or rather the Sports Festival, organized by Stelle Nello Sport and Porto Antico di Genova spa in collaboration with the Regional School Office, CONI and Sport and Health.

At the end of the morning of sport, all the young athletes gathered under the main stage of the Festival, for a moment of inauguration and greetings full of enthusiasm and participation.

Each child, in the presence of motorcyclist Christian Gamarino, was given a participation medal and a snack, offered by Società Sviluppo Mercato and Panarello. A morning marked by the twinning between the Lupo di Mare mascots, for “Genoa 2024 European Capital of Sport”, with Tina and Milo for Milano Cortina 2026. The guest of the Sports Festival is, in fact, a Coni delegation that arrived in Genoa to promote the Olympics and Winter Paralympics scheduled again in Italy in a year and a half. Lupo di Mare also welcomed Genoese citizens and tourists at the Municipality’s IAT to present the special stamp and the philatelic cancellation of Genoa 2024 European Capital of Sport.

The athletes Luca Franchi (YCI) and Beatrice Serra (USS Dario Gonzatti) inaugurated the “Smart Solar Bin Project” of Corepla and Amiu with the aim of launching an awareness message for separate waste collection starting from the virtuous experience of managers of sports facilities in the wake of the “Let’s Play Clean” campaign launched in 2023 together with Stelle nelle Sport. A day also marked by the ceremony organized by the baseball and softball Genoa Rookies for the first 15 years of sporting history and by the national finals of the World Football FreeStyle Contest Genoa 2024.

After a Friday with a very high level of sporting spirit, there are also great expectations for the weekend, when participants will be able to collect the coveted Sports Passport at the info point to be endorsed during the various sports and gaming experiences in order to obtain the official gadgets of the Party.

Saturday also opens with many events to mark and participate in, from the tournaments scheduled in the sports fields, to the awards ceremonies of the “Il Bello dello Sport” and “Nicali – Iren Photographic Award” competitions, to the meetings around major themes, such as “The benefits of practicing sports in old age” for silver athletes at Casa UISP or “Sport Diversity and Inclusion” organized by Alliance Francaise.

Great public participation in Le Village, the area dedicated to the twinning with the Paris Olympics next summer which over the weekend will feature sports trials, quizzes and two events – Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 12pm – to learn “La Danse des Jeux ”, the official choreography of Paris 2024 together with the choreographer Mourad Merzouki.

A day with a full program of fitness, dance and holistic disciplines lessons open to all on the various stages and which will end with the World Finals of the Football FreeStyle Contest Genoa 2024.

Organized by Porto Antico di Genova Spa and Stelle nelle Sport, the Sports Festival celebrates its 20th anniversary this year by presenting itself as bigger and richer than ever: there will be 132 different activities, all completely free as always and assisted by instructors and teachers, distributed over a total area of ​​over 140,000 square metres.

The event has the patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Liguria Region, the Municipality of Genoa, Sport and Health, Coni, Cip and the Regional School Office for Liguria, as well as the historic collaboration of Uisp and the Agorà Social Consortium. As always, the synergy with over 200 sports associations and bodies is fundamental, with the presence of qualified technicians and instructors and many “sports stars” ready to meet and play with young people.


It is, as always, one of the key values ​​of the Sports Festival which renews its mission in support of the Gigi Ghirotti Foundation with the traditional fundraising and various initiatives in support of the “historic” reality, founded and chaired by Prof. Franco Henriquet, which celebrates the its 40th year of activity. All participants can purchase a Ghirotti Lottery ticket (5 euros) at the Stelle Nello Sport stand with the prize of a magnificent cruise in the Mediterranean for two people on board the MSC World Europa.

Programmes, times and info on: https://portoantico.it/events/festa-dello-sport-2024

Daily updates on: www.stellenellosport.com/news-fds

2024-05-24 13:36:29
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