WC hockey | Dostal is the future of Czech hockey, claims the former goalie

WC hockey |  Dostal is the future of Czech hockey, claims the former goalie

“I think it was handled very well tactically. Very few goals are scored and discipline is decisive, because the power play is a very big weapon,” Blažek is convinced. The Czech team had the only numerical advantage in the match and was able to use it immediately after 16 seconds. “Lindgren was looking for the puck a bit, the American also shaded him there, Pavel Zacha got there well so that the goalkeeper could not see it. It was a lucky rebound, but that’s part of it,” comments the sixty-one-year-old goalkeeper on the Czech goal.

Lukáš Dostál had thirty-six American shots in the match. However, the Czech goalkeeper was able to eliminate them all and with two zeroes he rules the goalkeeper statistics. “Excellent performance. I already liked him during the regular season, he is twenty-three years old and has a huge future ahead of him,” praises the Czech number one Blažek. “He has a very calm impression on me, he gives the team confidence, he behaves incredibly like a goalie for his age, he is everywhere on time, he can catch on his knees and on skates. It gives a very compact impression,” analyzes the former manager of Slavia Prague.

But the Swedish team, which the Czechs will face in the semi-finals, will also have a great goalkeeper. “I don’t really like the Swedish style, it’s very patient hockey,” says Blažek. “It will be very exciting until the end, I think discipline and what graced us yesterday will decide again – tenacity, skating, hard play. Every little thing will decide.”

The fans also play a big role in the championship. The audience record will be broken on Saturday and full stands will chase the players for a medal. “Enthusiasm and euphoria naturally go hand in hand with success. When you see the guys on the ice, it gets the fans excited and vice versa. The Americans, who have been playing in the NHL for years, said yesterday after the game that they had never experienced such an atmosphere, and that is a great reward,” thinks Blažek.

Photo: Petr David Josek, CTK/AP

A geyser of Czech joy around the quarterfinal hero

The former goalkeeper is not too careful with his tip on the placement of Czech teams. “I would like a title. And when I see the euphoria of the team, I feel very good about the national team. I think that now it could ride on this wave until the end,” believes the Hradec hockey alumnus.

In a special interview, former goalkeeper Ladislav Blažek also revealed how he experiences matches, whether he is twitching and catching even in the living room in front of the TV or what kind of goalkeeper he sees himself as.

WC in hockey 2024

The 87th edition of the Ice Hockey World Championship takes place from 10 to 26 May 2024 in the Czech Republic, the tournament is hosted by the cities of Prague and Ostrava.

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