Why has Fernando Alonso renewed with Aston Martin? – Tear it off, for God’s sake!

Neither Red Bull nor Mercedes, in the end, Fernando Alonso stays at Aston Martin and does so for a long period of time, so much so that the duration of the contract has not been specified. In principle, as the brand and the driver himself have assured, Alonso will drive the green car for at least two more years and then he will remain attached to the brand working in other areas not yet specified.

Despite his years in the paddock, Alonso still feels energetic, hungry for victory and has enough fun to continue doing what he likes most, and has decided to do it in the team that, according to him, has shown him the most interest. and more love. In fact, the possibility of his departure to Red Bull or Mercedes has allowed him to negotiate better conditions with Aston Martin, which tipped the balance on the side of his current team.

Although the Spaniard continues to enjoy driving a car every Sunday, he has managed to restrict those facets of the profession that make him more burdensome and tedious. We talk about the advertising commitments, the hours with the press, the long flights and other inconveniences that Alonso has wanted to negotiate, in addition, of course, to an improvement in his payroll figure. Comfort, yes, but also a project for the future. Aston Martin has done nothing but invest and invest since it landed in Formula 1 and despite the fact that the second part of last season the development of the car did not go as desired, this year, they have started with a serious aspiration to not give up. in the effort to continue innovating and advancing. Furthermore, the alliance between Aston Martin and Honda for next season is something that is quite attractive to the Spanish driver who must still have the thorn.
nailed after the failed McLaren Honda project.

These are the known reasons that have led the Asturian to stay in his current team, it must be added that the offers received by the rest of the teams, including Red Bull, were not specific proposals regarding time or conditions. Having agreed to go to Red Bull, it is clear that the option of winning and getting, who knows, a new world championship could be more realistic, although with Verstappen in the same team we could see Alonso’s hell relived in his first year at McLaren together to Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes does not seem like an option either, a team unknown to him and which has not shown to have very clear lines of development either, at least this season.

If to all this we add the option, or rather the rumor that would be a dream, that Adrian Newey would leave Red Bull to sign for Aston Martin and be able to develop a winning car in view of the change of era and regulations in 2026, the decision of Fernando would make a lot of sense and would be very intelligent. We do not know if Aston Martin, in addition to giving him love and commitment to work and development, will be able to give him the car with which he achieves 33rd place or who knows if not a new World Cup, but what is already a reality, something that is a very good one. news for Madrid and F1, is that Alonso will be in the Madrid Grand Prix, which is scheduled to be held in 2026. It is, without a doubt, an attraction for the Spanish event and for the entire world of racing.
F1 that has the two-time champion as one of the best on the grid and one of the most charismatic drivers of all time.

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