who is stronger between Bonucci and Chiellini

July 11, 2021. This is a date burned into the minds of Italy’s football team. That day Mancini’s national team won the European Championship on the magical night of Wembley. Among the protagonists of that triumphal ride, it goes without saying. Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci. The two were driving forces, leaders and much more in an Italian group where the strengths were compactness, character and desire to win. The fate of the two centre-backs very often intersected and was common. However, many people ask themselves a question: who is the strongest?

Chiellini and a black and white love story

The Livornese grew up in his city’s team, with whom he made his debut in Serie C and was then a protagonist in the promotion to Serie A, which arrived in 2004. After having been in co-ownership at Roma. he was purchased by Juventus. The Bianconeri, to gain experience, sent him to Fiorentina, where Giorgio did very well, playing as a left back, scoring three goals and even winning the national team. In the summer of 2005, a 21 years old, he has become a Juventus player in all respects. The start wasn’t the easiest, but, over time, Chiellini managed to carve out his space, complete with Capello’s trust.

However, the turning point for him came in the 2006/2007 season, when Deschamps decided to field him as a central defender. A move that was definitively confirmed the following year, when his first goal in Serie A also arrived. In short, in a very short time, the native of Livorno managed to become a pillar of Juventus. A role confirmed with any coach, both in dark and difficult moments and in those dotted with triumphs and trophies. The Tuscan was in fact there in the troubled seasons and in those of the return to the tricolor with Conte and in those of the Champions League dream with Massimiliano Allegri. 17 years in black and white are certainly not so easily forgotten, as demonstrated by the ovation at the Stadium in his last match.

Bonucci, a story to tell

Born in Viterbo in 1987, he grew up in the Viterbo area, playing first as a goalkeeper, then as a central midfielder and finally as a defender. His life changed in 2005, when, thanks to an audition, he was taken by Inter’s spring. In May 2006 he even made his first team debut. Treviso and Bari have marked its continuous and constant growth. With the Apulian team he even earned his first call up to the national team. And so, in 2010, Juve invested over 15 million euros to acquire him.

After a few seasons that were not too positive in terms of results, the revolution was signed by Antonio Conte and the birth of the so-called BBC, formed by Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini. With this trio came the championships, but also two Italian Super Cups. The triumphs in Italy were confirmed in Allegri’s era, as was the great performance of the Viterbo native, an essential pillar. However, they were not lacking the clutches with the good Max. In fact, it is impossible to forget when, in February 2017, the two argued during the match against Palermo and the coach decided to send him to the stands in the Champions League against Porto. An exclusion and a picture on the stool which travels around the world and which was the prelude to the farewell destination Milan.

However, Bonucci was unable to impose and shine at the Rossoneri, having a nightmare year and paying for the Milanese team’s negative season. The return to the Old Lady was the consequence. with a sort of story of the prodigal son. Character and performance have reigned supreme for the second time, with the native of Viterbo who today can boast 17 trophies in black and white. A somewhat controversial separation, Union Berlin and Fenerbahce can only and only accompany.

Chiellini and Bonucci, who is stronger?

Making a comparison between the two is not something very easy. In fact, as those who love football and the national team know, the two have represented, both in blue and with Juventus, an almost perfect couple and a sort of real insurmountable wall. However, I wanted to make a comparison, we are certainly talking about two totally different centre-backs, even though both have always stood out for their goal-scoring habit. Chiellini is a tough defender, strong physically and in the air. Leo, on the other hand, excels not only in marking but also in the setup and construction phase. So the former Milan is a little more modern. But choosing is really complicated. Maybe it’s better not to do it.

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