Sibling Success: Tanaka Brothers Dominate Day 1 of Judo All Japan Invitational Championships

Judo All Japan Invitational Weight Category Championship Day 1 (April 6, 2024 Fukuoka International Center)

Older brother Ryoma Tanaka (left) won the men’s 66 kg class and younger brother Ryoma Tanaka (left) won the 73 kg class.
Photo By Sponichi

A total of 7 classes for men and women were contested, which also served as the World Championship (Abu Dhabi) selection event in May, with older brother Ryoma Tanaka (22 = SBC Shonan Beauty Clinic) in the men’s 66 kg class and younger brother Ryoma (19) in the 73 kg class. = University of Tsukuba) brothers all won the championship. The three judo brothers have Ryoma as their eldest son, Ryoma as their second son, and their third son, Ryuki, who is a second year student at Saga Tech and ranked second at last year’s Inter-High School in the 66kg class. Ryoma, who won Japan’s title for the second time in three years, said with a twinkle in his eye, “I want the three of us to work toward the Los Angeles Olympics (2028).”

Although he did not make it to the Paris Olympics, last year was a breakthrough year for him as he won the Masters and Asian Games. Tokyo Olympic champion Hifumi Abe faces a major obstacle in his bid to stand on the big stage in 2028. He hasn’t had a chance to compete directly yet, and although he says, “I don’t know how far down I am right now,” he says, “It’s easier to work hard when you can see a big goal.When an opportunity arises, I’ll prepare to the best of my ability.” “I want to,” he said, showing his determination to sharpen his nails until the time comes.

Ryuga, who won his first championship, said with a laugh, “My brother’s match was more nerve-wracking than mine,” but in his own final, he won the second waza-ari in the final stages and settled it with a single azawa-waza. “Everything about his older brother is amazing. I want to follow his example and follow in his footsteps,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

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