Vercelli Women’s Basketball Secures Victory Over Biella in Under 17 Match

Under 17 basketball: Vercelli women’s basketball beats Biella

Important victory for the PFV Under 17 in Biella, 64-76 against Basket Femminile Biellese, in the first leg of the first round of 16 final for the Piedmont Cup. Given that the team with the best points total in the two matches will qualify for the quarter-finals, having won away by +12 certainly represents a good start for
attempt to qualify, an objective that appears within the reach of the Vercelli team. The latter played a judicious and careful match, always keeping in mind the objective of the final score, so as not to run too many risks when they return to Vercelli in a week.
Dragged by a Prinetti in great shape (31 points), but with all their players completely on track, throughout the entire match which is what counts, Anastasio’s girls immediately made it clear what their intentions were, and with with a rocket start they immediately put a decisive +10 (11-21 at 10′) between themselves and their opponents, finding good shooting solutions and defending well.
In the following two quarters, despite allowing themselves to get a point per quarter, Pfv essentially kept their distance from their opponents, responding blow for blow and always showing good defensive attention. The score read 31-40 at half time and 48-54 at three quarters. PFV had some fears of being caught, with the Biella team at -4, but to avoid the risk of being caught and creating problems for themselves for the return match, they accelerated the pace and took good conclusions in attack (22 points in the quarter) so as to bring the final score to +12 which, even if it does not guarantee passage to the round, is still a very good advantage to manage.
Provided, obviously, that coach Anastasio is able to convey to his girls the awareness that nothing has yet been achieved and that on Sunday 14 April at 3.30 pm at the Sc. Media Pertini gym, the first leg match will have to be repeated, or almost so, for can progress to the quarterfinals.

Biella – Pala Don Bosco – Via Galileo Galilei 12
Biella Women’s Basketball – Vercelli Women’s Basketball 64-76
(Partials: 11-21, 31-40, 46-54; 64-76)
PFV scoreboard: Dikrane 4; Tagliabue; Haxhiasis; Giorgi 4; French 7; Prinetti 31;
Dipace 7; Nicosia 7; Horses; Bari; Rizzato 14; Roggero 2 – Coach Gianfranco

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2024-04-08 11:11:36
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