Guingamp Badminton Teams Reach Season Objectives: Team 1 Stays in D1, Team 2 Promoted to D3

Objectives achieved! For its four mixed teams, Guingamp badminton managed to fulfill the contract set at the start of the season. Like team 1 maintained in the first departmental division. “It’s historic for the club, it’s the first time that it has stayed two years in a row in D1,” underlines Goulven Brigant, Guingamp badminton correspondent. If the exercise was difficult, “all our matches were very close”. And by winning one of the two matches of the last day then the play-off event, captain Claire Le Maillier-Divaret and her team managed to save their skins.

Team 2 promoted to D3

At the same time, teams 3 and 4 were content with a place in the middle of the table in their respective D5 groups. As for the 2, she won all of her matches and crushed everything in her path to move up to D3. “The club continues to progress, appreciates Goulven Brigant while Guingamp badminton hopes to expand its workforce in the off-season. We would like to recruit to strengthen team 1. It would be good to welcome players from a regional level.” To further extend this growing adventure.

2024-04-08 10:16:46
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