Carine Mekame Ndong Takes Redemption at International Grand Prix of Confederation of African Athletics

She finished 5th with a throw of 15m31 during the shot put competition at the last African Games in Accra. Today, at the Olembe Sports Complex, in Yaoundé, during the International Grand Prix of the Confederation of African Athletics, Carine Mekame Ndong took her revenge by brilliantly winning the competition with a throw at 15 m 80. A throw very far from his performance in Accra.

In the high jump, Elca Charles Ambourouet placed 2nd in the event (1m 95). The jumper, despite this silver medal, is no longer able to beat his own record which is 2.10 m. In the sprint, Gabon fielded two runners. Hoye Franck Yenda Moukoula and David Nguema Allogho. The first city, aligned in 100 and 200 m, obtained, each time, the bronze medal.

In the 100 m, he achieved a time of 10.49 compared to 10.30 for Claude-Emmanuel Itongue, who came 1st. Over 200 m, our compatriot did better than in Accra where he was eliminated during the heats with an average time of 21.55. In Yaoundé, he came 3rd with a time of 21.35.

Cameroonian Raphaël Ngaguele covered the distance in 20.87. David Nguema Allogho, for his part, covered the distance in 21.73. Note that this competition saw the participation of athletes from France, Togo, the USA, Gabon, Chad, Burundi, South Africa, Cameroon, Madagascar, Nigeria and Burundi.



2024-04-08 05:35:55
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