two French people deprived of the Olympic Games because of a calculation error by the international federation?


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BADMINTON – Qualified for the Olympic Games last week, Ronan Labar and Lucas Corvée lost their ticket due to a calculation error, announces RMC Sport.

A dream that turns into a nightmare. According to RMC Sport , the pair of badistas formed by Ronan Labar and Lucas Corvée should not see the Olympic Games, although they were announced as such. In first place in the “Road to Paris” event ahead of the Popov brothers, the first French pair was downgraded to second position. A calculation error by the International Federation would be the reason for this incomprehension.

During the world team championships in China, a year ago, the Labar/Corvée pair would have received 400 points too many by the international federation, which realized its error before the end of the qualification race Olympic Games on April 30. The two badists therefore find themselves 29 behind the Popov brothers.

The French Badminton Federation only noticed this change by consulting the rankings on the Internet, and decided to contact the International Federation. “They responded to us saying they needed more time, that they would come back to us a little later. At the moment we are waiting for confirmation of what led to the number of points for Ronan and Lucas not being good. Obviously that changes everything. Because they go behind and without any notification. We were not warned of anything,” they declared to RMC Sport.

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