Football: Cannavaro “Coaching Napoli? I hope it’s just a matter of time”

“I have always said that the bench of the Italian club is an objective”, explains the former defender ROME (ITALPRESS) – “It’s only a question of time, I know that if I start doing this job I will definitely be given the opportunity. For what I represent, I know I have advantages, because it’s normal. For those who have had a career like mine, sometimes it’s easier if you demonstrate what you’re worth.” Fabio Cannavaro has clear ideas, he sets no limits and hopes that one day he will have the opportunity to lead the team of his city as well as his heart. In an interview given to Radio Serie A in the “Storie di Serie A” program, the former captain of the world champion national team admits that the Neapolitan bench attracts him a lot. “Napoli is a team that everyone would like to train for free, it has a superior technical quality to other teams. I have always said that Napoli’s bench is an objective. This year it was more an idea from the media than from the club, but I’m moving forward on my way: no one ever gave me anything, I have a hard head and I always sweated out what I had. I was little: I always had to jump more than the others, run and fight more, that one it’s the desire that makes me feel calm: we wait”, says Cannavaro. “I have been coaching since 2014, when Marcello Lippi took me to China with him: for many it is seen as not the best experience, but in Asia in that period there were great coaches. I was lucky enough to do well, win and I stayed for five years, during which I was able to coach players like Paulinho, Pato, Talisca and Witsel.

We reached the semi-finals of the Asian Champions League. I came back here during the Covid period, I refused the Poland bench because I thought I would find some better national team and I said no, also because there was little time to work. I then realized that the Chinese experience is not seen well, I didn’t understand why: I’m sorry because ten years of benches count. I have patience and wait: it’s what I want and what I like to do. Everyone thinks that Benevento was a negative parenthesis, but for me it was formative. When I arrived there were problems with the medical staff, problems with the team and president, as well as injured players: I had 13 starters out, I can’t be evaluated. What if I’m angry? After two years, I ask myself: ‘is it possible that out of 20 solutions, 19 are abroad?'”. His teammate at the time of the world champion national team, Daniele De Rossi, fulfilled his dream. “It’s the ‘an example that is perhaps closest to mine. He went to Ferrara and after that he had the opportunity to coach Roma, a great team with great players. Daniele was good because he started to make the players think, to make them think about occupying spaces, to attack depth, to break the lines, to play short and long: the player has fun, because he starts to think”, he explains Cannavaro who says about Napoli this year: “It was a perfect car. Miracles don’t happen by chance. This year it entered a vortex of negativity which meant that players began to have more doubts than certainties. This is due not only to the change of coach, but also to communication and everything that revolves around a team. This didn’t help the players, it didn’t help anyone. It’s sad to see a team that won the year before in mid-table. Calzone? Until you’re there you can’t judge. The Napoli player’s mind is a bit polluted today: coaches with different concepts have passed through. It’s not easy for them or even for those who coach, but everything around gives alibis to the players. For example, communication: we talk about next year’s coach when you have one now.” Very strong bond with Napoli, but also with the national team. “Did I refuse Poland because I thought Italy was calling me? Subconsciously before the play-offs for the World Cup qualifiers I thought about it, I wasn’t sure. It was one of the thoughts I had when I was evaluating Poland, I only had three days to prepare for a play-off against Russia which then wasn’t played due to the war. My relationship with the national team is a strong one, there is a magical atmosphere around it, we don’t realize what we represent in the world.” A look at today’s Serie A. “Thiago Motta’s Bologna is a fun team , reminds me a bit of Bayer Leverkusen. There is a lot of work from the coach, but also from clubs and managers who have signed players that not everyone knew at the beginning of the year, but who were already strong. Thiago freed them mentally by making them have fun, they are certainly players who will have another evaluation at the end of the year. I hope they reach the Champions League, it’s right that they achieve important goals. Young Italians? I would like to see Casadei in Italy: I saw him in the Primavera, he is a different player and this gives us hope because between him, Tonali, Donnarumma and other guys, good players are emerging. You have to be far-sighted to find them: before you only looked at your home, now you have to be good at following them and bringing them to the national team”. – photo Ipa Agency – (ITALPRESS). ari/com 18-Apr-24 12:06.

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