Terni Archers to Host Italian 3D Archery Championship: President Tombesi Announces Exciting New Challenge

The city of Terni archers have been assigned the task of organizing the Italian 3D archery championship.

The news was given by the company of president Stefano Tombesi who recalls having already organized two world championships and an Italian championship in Terni.

“We are ready and happy to immerse ourselves in this new challenge – comments President Tombesi – behind us we have the organization of many international events including two world championships as well as national events such as the 2023 Italian 3D Championship in Polino.

In the next few hours the great organizational machine will begin to set in motion.

The location? It’s still too early to reveal it. We certainly want to continue on the path taken in past years.

For us it is important to make our territory and its main beauties known by trying to combine the sporting event with the promotion of the territory. It is no coincidence that the protagonists of past events were: Cascata delle Marmore, Carsulae, Stroncone and Polino”.

2024-04-17 10:03:45
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