Transfer Rumors: Adrien Rabiot’s Potential Return to PSG Heating Up

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Transfers – PSG: Is it heating up in Paris for a Deschamps player?

Published on April 15, 2024 at 5:00 a.m.

Paris Saint-Germain should once again, after having completed twelve recruits last summer, be particularly active in the summer transfer market of 2024. Adrien Rabiot meets the recruitment criteria of PSG who would like to complete the arrival of a midfielder at least. And the French international has not linked his future to Juventus for next season.

Le feuilleton Adrien Rabiot has been making headlines in the press lately. And for good reason, the contract of the French international at the Juventus will end on June 30. And after ? The suspense is at its peak. Trained in PSG, Rabiot would seem to appear in the short list of Paris SaintGermain who is looking to recruit a midfielder after the already confirmed departure of Kylian Mbappé for this summer as revealed to you at the beginning of April.

Rabiot closed the door to a return to PSG

End of March, Adrien Rabiot however cast a chill over his return to the capital for Europe 1. “A return to PSG? Not in the near future, but it’s true that I grew up and was trained there, so I have a lot of respect for the people who work there and who helped me progress. I left PSG in somewhat complicated conditions, and for the moment the return is not on the agenda.”

“Even if I’m not here next year…”

Nevertheless, all hope is allowed for the Paris SaintGermain in his quest for a signatureAdrien Rabiot. And for good reason, Saturday evening, the midfielder of the Juventus clearly did not plan on a future in Turin next season for Sky Sport. “I stayed because I wanted to stay and help this team get back to the Champions League, the club also asked me to do that. If we achieve the goal, we will see and talk. It would definitely be better from my point of view, but we still need to talk. (…) Even if I’m not here next year, my personal goal is to bring Juve back to the Champions League and win the Italian Cup.” Everything therefore remains open for Paris Saint Germain in this operation. The stage is set.

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