The real victims of sports betting

Serving in tennis: Who suspects fraud here? Image: picture alliance/dpa

A Spanish tennis player is banned for 15 years for betting fraud. But who did he harm? The perpetrators themselves usually suffer the greatest damage – and only one of the players actually has the power to change that.

April 2020, Corona month number three. The pandemic has brought the sports world to a standstill – and with it the sports betting business. But then something happens: the Ukrainian fourth division club FC Berdjansk invites you to a lightning tournament with four teams. The gambling providers are jumping on it. Finally game betting, live betting, tournament betting again.

The problem is that there is no tournament at all. Everything is fake, even the live ticker on the club’s homepage is fictitious. Ghost games, only this time in the literal sense, one could joke. In any case, a particularly brazen case of betting fraud.


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