Election of Pedro Rocha as RFEF President in Doubt as Impeachment Looms in ‘Brody Case’

Pedro Rocha He was summoned this Friday to testify in the ‘Brody case’ that investigates the alleged diversion of funds from the RFEF during the presidency of Luis Rubiales. But upon arriving at Court No. 4 of Majadahonda, he was informed that his status changed from witness to defendant, so said statement has been suspended.


The imputation of president of the RFEF manager (until his resignation to run for president, a position he now holds Rafael del Amo), also the only candidate to preside over the Federation, opens a period of uncertainty in Las Rozas. Rocha had been the only one to gather the required endorsements and on Monday he was going to be named president of the RFEF.

An appointment that can now be suspended, because of being disqualified after being charged, and the RFEF election regulations indicate this case as a cause of ineligibility.

What is being investigated in the Brody case?

The contracts of the Real Spanish Football Federation in the period 2018-2023, a stage in which Pedro Rocha was vice president of Luis Rubiales.

2024-04-12 10:57:27
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