Czech football clubs have already earned 850 million in Europe. Tvrdík also praised Pilsen

Czech football clubs have so far won 33.39 million euros (almost 850 million crowns) in this European cup season. The highest amount was won by Slavia, which, like Sparta, was already eliminated from the UEFA competitions in the round of 16.

Only the remaining domestic participant in the cup year, Plzeň, can win additional funds, which is awaiting a rematch of the quarter-finals of the European Conference League in Florence in a week. With Thursday’s 0:0 draw with Fiorentina, the West Bohemians ensured the Czech Republic an elite ten in the UEFA coefficient rankings and a place in the main stage of the Champions League for the season before next, which is currently associated with a bonus of almost 400 million crowns.

For the first time in history, the Czech teams made it through to the spring phase in three cups and experienced a record season from the point of view of the coefficient. Even though none of them started in this year’s Champions League group, Slavia came relatively close to the bonus for participating in the main stage of the most prestigious competition. The Red and Whites earned a total of 12.43 million euros (316 million crowns).

The highest part was a bonus of 3.63 million euros (92 million crowns) for starting in the main phase of the Europa League, 3.15 million euros (80 million crowns) Vršovičí earned thanks to five wins from six matches in the group. For the ten-year coefficient, for which finances are paid in all three competitions, the Slavists will earn 3.036 million euros (77 million crowns) this season.

Sparta also played the main stage of the European League, just like the red and white reached the round of 16 and won a total of 10.72 million euros (272 million crowns). Compared to Slavia, Letenský got a little less for the ten-year coefficient and for the results and placement in the group where they were second.

Plzeň plays in the least subsidized European Conference League, yet thanks to record results it earned only a little less than the Spartans. The highest part of the total amount of 9.77 million euros (248 million crowns) is three million euros (76 million crowns) for six wins in the group, with which Viktoria improved the Czech maximum and equaled the competition record.

For participation in the group stage, the West Bohemians earned 2.94 million euros (74.6 million crowns), the ten-year coefficient earned them 1.07 million euros (27 million crowns). In the case of progressing to the semi-finals over Fiorentina, Pilsen would collect another two million euros (51 million crowns), for the overall victory in the competition there is five million euros (127 million crowns) on top.

The remaining Czech representative in this cup season, Bohemians 1905, were already eliminated in the second preliminary round of the Conference League and earned 468,000 euros (12 million crowns). Clubs receive additional funding for marketing and television rights. The amounts for this year’s cup are not yet known, but it will likely be only units of millions of crowns.

Thanks to Plzeň’s draw on Thursday, the Czech clubs are certain that they will finish in 10th place in the ranking of coefficients and for the year after next they will have a domestic champion directly in the group stage of the Champions League without having to play in the qualifiers.

Currently, participation in the basic phase of the most prestigious competition has been associated with a bonus of 15.64 million euros (almost 400 million crowns) for several years. UEFA has not yet published the rewards for the 2025/26 season, but it can be expected that they will increase.

Tenth place also means that two clubs will go to the preliminary rounds of the Europa League and only one to the Conference League. For the next season 2024/25, it will be the other way around. From the coming year, the format of the European Cups will change. They will no longer be played in traditional groups, but as one league with all teams.

The Czech Republic should also receive more from so-called solidarity payments. Within these, UEFA distributes the funds between the clubs that do not reach the group stage of the cups. Last year, each of the 13 league teams received ten million crowns, Slavia, Sparta and Pilsen do not receive the contribution.

“In European competitions, we play in one jersey. Thanks to the incredible performance of Pilsen, we will finish as a country in 10th place and five clubs will go to the high preliminary rounds of UEFA competitions. Viktorka has done a miracle. Thanks to a draw, every club in the Czech league that does not reach the (main stage) will get UEFA competition, almost 20 million crowns. Czech professional football should thank Viktoria in an extraordinary way,” said the chairman of the board of Slavia Jaroslav Tvrdík on the X social network, who was spotted directly in the Doosan Arena in Pilsen on Thursday.

Starting next season, Czech club football will also pay significantly more for the audiovisual rights to broadcast the first league within the domestic scene. The total price has almost tripled, the League Football Association, which manages professional competitions, receives more than 430 million crowns annually. In addition, a tender for the league’s titular partner is currently underway.

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