Pedro Rocha, the only candidate who has obtained endorsements to be president of the RFEF, imputed

BarcelonaA new convulsive episode has shaken the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) this Friday morning: Pedro Rocha, the only one of the three aspirants for the presidency of the sports body that this week has been known to have obtained the necessary endorsements to to be a candidate, he has seen how he has been imputed by the judge investigating the alleged diversion of funds from the federation associated with contracts from the Rubiales stage (2018-2023).

Rocha, who was interim president of the RFEF after the disqualification of FIFA from Rubiales following the kiss to Jenni Hermoso, went this morning to the court of inquiry number 4 of Majadahonda (Madrid) to testify as a witness. But the judge suspended his statement and charged him. Rocha was vice president of Rubiales during the period of the investigated events. “I’m very calm and I’m coming to collaborate with justice,” Rocha explained to the media just before entering the courthouse.

Precisely, yesterday Thursday was the deadline for presenting the 21 endorsements necessary to be a candidate for the presidency of the RFEF in the May 6 elections. The journalist Carlos Herrera and the Catalan lawyer and politician Eva Parera did not manage to reach this figure. Thus, it was planned that next Monday Rocha would be invested as the new president of the RFEF. But his imputation radically changes the scene because this fact will mean his disqualification and will prevent him, for the time being, from taking office. At least that’s what the RFEF statutes say.

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2024-04-12 11:00:17
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