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Juan Ayuso’s year is giving what was expected of him

Last season at this time we had not yet seen Juan Ayuso in competition.

A somewhat mysterious but annoying injury kept him dry until the Tour de Romandie itself, where he debuted with victory in the time trial.

We then asked ourselves what an entire season for Juan Ayuso would be like, without setbacks or apparent problems, a season in which he returned to races he already knew, a season like this one.

And it has proven well.

Juan Ayuso’s year is at the level of what was promised, which was no small thing, since we have all been following this cyclist for a long time.

Being so prominent is not easy to manage, but it is more complicated to give the tone that everyone expects from you, especially when you belong to a team in which talents, even younger than him, do not stop emerging.

Juan Ayuso is handling all of this well and the results, the cotton test, accompany you.

In a month he finished second in the Tirreno and won the Itzulia.

It is true that in Euskadi, the bosses were left behind in a very sad fall, but once they were gone, Ayuso has been, as in Italy, the first of those who came behind.

It’s not just anything, well That big 6, so select, will surely admit new members in the future. and Juan Ayuso has taken positions.

His character in the race is that of a winner, his way of competing is as overwhelming as the confidence he has always conveyed when he speaks.

He is a “killer”, he does not hide itseems to come learned and is burning through stages at a speed that is frightening.

He has achieved things that Spanish cycling has not experienced in a long time: he has won times in the World Tour and has put his last name in the Itzulia record, which has not happened since Ion Izagirre five years ago, since 2019.

With this record of service he will present himself in the Tour, surely in the shadow of Pogacar, but with the certainty that if the vanguards fail, he is prepared.

After a complicated year, like last year, in which he came with the history of being on the podium in the Vuelta, everything that Ayuso is achieving in 2024 indicates that it is progressingthat it grows and that in what lies ahead we must count on it.

Image: @ehitzulia

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