Success at the Club Championships: Badminton Bergen op Zoom’s Youth Shines Bright

Wed Apr 17, 5:00 PM Sports and association

BERGEN OP ZOOM – A week and a half ago, more than 60 young and adult athletes played the second edition of the club championships at Badminton Bergen op Zoom. Chairman Roland honored the brand new winners after more than 125 games played.

In the feathers category the team 2 player was Federico who walked away with the championship in singles and mixed doubles. He did not miss a single game, except in the men’s doubles with Ramon, in which he still finished second.

Youth leaders in action

The youngest players of badminton delivered the best sporting performances. They played in the boys 1, boys 2, girls, mixed doubles and super cup 1 and super cup 2 categories, where the strongest players were paired with players who were a little earlier in their badminton career. Everyone noticed how sporty the children were with each other, so a compliment to the young guard is certainly appropriate.

After the awards ceremony, a large group of adult members and supporters went out for a bite to eat together. While enjoying dishes from Italian cuisine, we reflected extensively on the weekend. Good food and a tasty drink make you fraternize, as it turned out during this culinary end to the tournament weekend: you want to belong to badminton!

Nice second edition

Committee members Denise, Martin, Quinty and Patrick showed that they could organize a wonderful tournament that everyone wanted to be part of.

Many spectators came to the attractively decorated Sports Center De Karmel to enjoy the biggest event of the 2023-2024 season.

Youth results

JE1 1. Frank, 2. Max-JE2 1. Dex, 2. Tobias-ME 1. Mandy, 2. Dafine-GD1 1. Wout / Dafine, 2. Mandy/ Max-GD2 1. Mandy/ Wout, 2. Frank / Dafine-Supercup 1 1. Max/ Ella, 2. Michael/ Wout-Supercup 2 1. Dex/ Julien, 2. Tobias/ Michael.

Adult results

Feathers: HE 1. Federico, 2. Jeffry-HD 1. Jeroen/ Erik, 2. Federico/ Ramon-DD 1. Denise, 2. Hilde-GD1 1. Federico/ Denise, 2. Jeroen/ Hilde -GD2 1. Erik / Hilde, 2. Ramon/ Marieke.

Nylon: HE 1. Roy, 2. Dominic-DE 1. Shirley, 2. Madelon-HD 1. Jack / Roy, 2. Roland/ René-DD 1. Shirley/ Veerle, 2. Monique/ Rianne-GD 1. Dominic/ Ashley, 2. Jack/ Hanneke.

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