Arsenal’s Overconfidence Against Bayern: A Cautionary Tale

“Arsenal was overconfident last week”

Analyst Wim De Coninck is well placed to say something about Bayern-Arsenal. “I did the first leg last week. Arsenal were really, really good then – they even forced Bayern into the counter, which rarely happens to them.”

“They had control of the match and could count on their defensive stability after the New Year. However, they became a bit overconfident and the score still ended at 2-2.”

“Bayern silenced the Emirates Stadium with those goals. And soon they will be supported by 70,000 Germans. Despite the dip in form that the Germans experienced this year, they were apparently still able to prepare well for the Champions League.”

“With Gnabry and Coman, two important players are returning to the team. And despite Tuchel, I still see a unity on the field. I therefore slightly prefer Bayern to advance.”

“I suspect that Leandro Trossard will start in the starting line-up this time, with Kai Havertz as 9. Although you never know with Arteta.”

2024-04-17 19:04:01
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