Pato Fillol Recovers Stolen World Champion Medal: “I’m Happy,” he says in a Video

The world champion goalkeeper was robbed a month ago and was able to recover a priceless souvenir. “I’m happy,” he said in a video.

April 18, 2024, 11:08 p.m.

Pato Fillol recovered his world champion medal that had been stolen from him a month ago. (Photo and video: @ubaldofillol)

A few weeks ago, Pato Fillol made the news for an unfortunate criminal act: he suffered a serious robbery and among the things that the criminals took was his world champion medal. After exactly one month, the archer who was world champion in 1978 managed to recover that precious memory and announced it with an emotional video on his X account (ex-Twitter).

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This Thursday, Fillol surprised all his followers with this good news. “It’s a very special day. There is news about that brutal robbery I had a month ago. Inform them that there were raids today, there are arrests and that the lost objects have been recovered. That wonderful thing that hurt me so much and that today I was able to recover. “I can’t talk much more,” he said in the video.

Pato Fillol with Chiqui Tapia and the World Cup. (Photo: patofillol/IG)

In addition, the world champion thanked the authorities of the City Police, some institutions that were involved in the investigation and his lawyer, Fernando Burlando, who carried out the management. In dialogue with TN, Fernando Burlando confirmed this situation and gave details of the situation: “Everything recovered, that is the most important thing. One prisoner and there is a fugitive.”

In this process, taking into account the importance and sentimental value of what was stolen, the Duck received the containment and support of many people, whom he did not hesitate to thank in this moment of happiness. “I had everyone’s support. Not just from football people. So thank you very much. I’m happy”. He also added a difficult situation of insecurity: “Let’s hope with my family not to repeat this ugly experience, which is already the seventh time we have suffered it.”

How was the robbery suffered by Pato Fillol

On March 18, Ubaldo Matildo “Pato” Fillol suffered the worst robbery: criminals broke into his house and stole his 1978 world champion medal. This happened after Pato went to dinner at the Gimnasia y Esgrima Club by Vélez Sarsfield. When he left, he noticed that his car was unlocked and the keys to his home were not there.

Hours later, the criminals broke into his apartment in Villa del Parque and took, among other things, the world champion medal.

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