Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Marchand, Mayer, Mossely, Riner… Where are the stars of the Blues 100 days before the Games?

There must be a bit of anticipation mixed with excitement, some doubts combined with the fear of getting injured at the dawn of what many of our French stars have described as “the competition of a lifetime”. A little over a hundred days before their entry into the running at home for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, here they are in the home stretch, fine-tuning their preparation, settling the last details, and above all, for many of them, attempting to ensure their qualification.

But the meeting is approaching and it shows. In Paris, the first ephemeral infrastructures began to emerge from the ground, such as the Eiffel Tower Stadium (7th century). The major sports brands have also joined the capital and are revealing in turn the outfits that the athletes will wear. On Wednesday, we witnessed the reunion between Mondo Duplantis and Renaud Lavillenie on the sidelines of an event organized by their sponsor Puma. The two do not really have the same objective: the first will aim for Olympic gold, the second already hopes to qualify. “I do everything to be at the Olympics but at no time do I tell myself that I have to be there,” he confides.


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