Nick Kyrgios Announces Comeback to Training: Will Return to the Tennis Pitch Soon

Will you be returning to the pitch soon? Tennis star Nick Kyrgios announces a comeback to training in the coming days.

These words make you sit up and take notice. “Next week I’ll be playing again for the first time,” said Nick Kyrgios on the “Australian Open Show Podcast”: “I’ll definitely be back. It’s just difficult to give an exact date because the injury was quite serious.”

Review: Due to a wrist injury, the 28-year-old has not played a tennis match since June 2023. He is no longer in the ATP rankings.

He also repeatedly flirted with a possible end to his career.

But the motivation is apparently still there. “Why am I doing all this?” Kyrgios asked in the podcast: “I don’t have to do it, but for some reason I do it. That’s why I know that I still have the fire in me and that’s good.”

Kyrgios is experiencing the toughest year of his tennis time

From a sporting perspective, the past year was “one of the hardest years of my life”. “Everything else has been incredible, I can’t complain. But when it comes to tennis, I’ve had some very tough conversations with myself,” said the Australian.

The Australian, known for his eccentricity, played his last game in June 2023 at the grass tournament in Stuttgart, where he was eliminated in the first round. Before that, he had to take a few months off with a knee injury.

Recently, Kyrgios has gained more and more of a foothold in the media sector. At the Australian Open he works as a commentator and interviewer for the television station “ESPN”, and he also has his own TV show.

“I could travel the world and make really good money commentating on sporting events or doing my own TV show,” Kyrgios wrote in his column about his possible future earlier this year.

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