57 companies, responsible for 80% of CO2 emissions

It was all hugs and applause at the Paris summit that limited greenhouse gas emissions. carbon dioxide (CO2). That was in December 2015 and only now does it seem that they have managed to stabilize after they have increased in recent years, according to Juan Carlos Flores.

A recent study reveals that 57 companies are responsible for 80% of these emissions, which are what warm the planet. “What one would expect is to see a clear line of descent, and that is not there,” emphasizes José Manuel Gutiérrez, an expert on climate change.

Repsol, in 50th place in terms of emissions

Oil, gas, coal and cement producers. Also nation states like Chinaconsidered the factory of the world, which leader the ranking by their consumption of coalthe most polluting.

The Spanish Repsolrecently accused by its competitor Iberdrola of whiten are impact to appear green, it ranks 50th in the world’s total emissions since records have been kept. “There are companies that have taken it seriously and are reducing their emissions,” says Gutiérrez.

If this winter you already thought that the effects of climate change were noticeable, know that the planet has barely increased one degree temperaturebut continue going up. And it’s going faster than thought.

“We are running out of time. Before it was a problem that we saw in the medium term and it is a problem since it is our turn, not our children,” warns the expert whom we have consulted in Noticias Cuatro.

It would take a radical cut of CO2 emissions to stop global warming. As Gutiérrez details, “to stay within the degree and a half, we would have to reduce 50%.”

Ordinary people are not spared either. And the companies in the study generate goods that the rest of us consume, for example, gasoline for cars, mobile phones or clothing.

However, it is true that progress has been made in a new environmental awareness. The responsible attitude of consumers and greater criticism of the most polluting brands could cause the change of course that is needed.


2024-04-06 17:13:39
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