Julie Sabatié falls short in Baku but still has Olympic hope

the essential La Montalbanaise did not manage to win one of the two tickets for this summer’s global meeting, held in Baku (Azerbaijan), this Saturday. He will still have one chance.

The Olympic Games are the pinnacle of a career for an athlete. So, what’s more, when they take place at home, to say that it’s a goal is an understatement. The resident of the Montalbanese Wrestlers Club has been looking for the famous sesame for a long, long time. And she’s getting closer. But it will not be from Baku that she will return with the famous “qualify” sign brandished by all those who went to the final this weekend. There was no final for Julie Sabatié, nor a semi-final for that matter. It was in the quarter-final that the adventure of the Tarn-et-Garonnaise came to an end this Saturday, against the Ukrainian Oksana Livach, with a score of 5 points to 0. The Montalbanaise has never been in able to overthrow his opponent, visibly more powerful, and who, little by little, put his hand on the encounter to achieve a victory without much discussion. A disappointment for Julie Sabatié who had started her day well against a Spaniard, and a victory by great superiority. An interesting warm-up which ultimately was not enough. We will therefore not have seen the Tricolore face the regional of the stage in the half, for a ticket to Paris 2024. Favorite, and ahead of the score until 5 seconds from the end, the Azerbaijanis was surprised by the Ukrainian on a fall (like a knockout in judo). It is therefore the winner of Julie Sabatié who will see Paris. Julie should therefore find a big field during the last meeting, in a few weeks, with the world Olympic qualifying tournament. The last one to win the famous sesame. Sesame, everyone crosses their fingers that it will be around the neck of Rakhim Magamadov (freestyle wrestling 86 kg) who enters the race this Sunday morning.

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