The Highlights of Pubbliservice Old Parma vs. Macerata and Other Softball Match Results

Pubbliservice Old Parma – Macerata

Nice statement (the first of the season) in the first of two matches for the Macerata whose path was paved thanks to a 3-run home run in the third inning of Joy Tittarelli that he brings home Ilaria Colepio Filoteo ed Emma Fagioli, both on base with 4 balls. An inning, the third, in which Macerata also wastes a triple Alicia Marie
. Macerata goes up 5-0 in the fourth when Parma’s starting pitcher, Lucrezia Morettiwithout being particularly helped by the defense (which also makes a mistake), concedes two points after the double Regan Patricia Dias. In the sixth the cliché is the same: double by Dias and error by the Emilian defense, for the 6-0. The end 8-0 matures in the seventh with a sacrifice fly by Giorgia Cacciamani and a missed ball by the Parma catcher.


It took an extra-inning and a fantastic catch to the right fielder of Chiara Giudice to bring home the double by the Macerata. The Marche team, in game 2, was not able to dominate as in the first match. It was a continuous overtaking and counter-overtaking, until the end. With a overs from 3 to Ilaria’s seventh Colepius Philoteus, which seemed to have given the victory to the visiting team. But Parma never gave up and in the seventh they had the strength to equalize, scoring 4 points: the doubles of Elena Slawitz e Chiara Mengoli. In the first extra inning (so with runner on second base) it was a triple Of Alicia
Marie Peters
to bring home the victory for Macerata because, at the change of court, Macerata can send it back to the platform Luana Luconi who, after the victory in the afternoon, obtained salvation.


MKF Bollate – Italposa Forlì

TriumphsMKF Bollate in the super challenge againstItalposa Forlì. In fact, Eduardo Arocha’s team won both matches, unlocking both in the first fractions and then maintaining the advantage until the end.
In game 1 it is double Mikiko Eguchi at the start of the first attack to make the difference: in that attack Bollate produced two points with the rebound of Elisa Cecchetti and the point scored by Giulia Longhi on crazy launch of Cacciamani. On the platform for Bollate, Laura Bigatton (for her 7 K in six rounds) she is able to carry out two series of six consecutive eliminations to keep Forlì at a distance. The home team made it 3-0 with Longhi’s single taking home Princicwhile Forlì tries a final assault in the last two fractions: Marta Gasparotto opens the sixth attack with a home run, while with two outs Cacciamani (in the sixth) and Milano (in the seventh) they hit singles which give hope to the Romagna team, but Bigatton is able to close the door in both situations and Bollate wins the first match with a score of 3-1.


In game 2 once again Bollate started strong scoring two runs, this time with the RBIs of Elisa Cecchetti (double) and Laura Bigatton (single) against Kelly Barnhill. The duel on the platform between the US pitcher and Alice Nicolini it then passes quickly until the fifth inning, without any runner managing to get into scoring position. In the fifth fraction Bollate takes off, once again thanks to the top part of his lineup: Longhi (single), Cecchetti (double) and Bad (single) within a few moments they bring the match to 5-0. It seems almost over, but a defensive error by Bollate brings two runners on base for Forlì and Noemi Giacometti she is cool in hitting her third home run of the season. Bollate appears to take the hit, but Nicolini is quick to recover and close the second half without further damage, before delivering to Greta Cecchetti the ball of salvation, with Bollate winning 5-3.


Inox Team Saronno – Mia Office Blue Girls Pianoro
Comeback victory for Inox Team Saronnoin the first match against Blue Girls. A victory that goes on the personal scoreboard of Chiara Rusconi, capable of not losing heart once down 2-0, with 7 hits allowed, and which materializes in the sixth inning with a 3-point attack. Bologna’s advantage is signed by Priscilla Brandi with a bases-loaded single in third, following singles by Logan Moreland e Felicia Di Pancrazio. For 3 innings the hosts are unable to put the former player in difficulty Veronica Comar. In the sixth the Friulian pitcher from Pianoro is taken over by Sara Desii and Saronno overtakes: also thanks to an error by the visiting defense. I am Valeria Bettinsoli, Fabrizia Marrone e Barbora Saviola to take home the victory points 3-2forcing the Bolognese manager Alain Telleria Pino to put Comar back on the platform to close.


The Mia Office it does it again in the second game which, in fact, ends after a restart. In the challenge of foreign pitchers Kandra Lamb e Yamerki Gievara Limonta one might have expected a closed match and so it was. The difference was made by a first inning in which, on a diamond serve by Eva Trevisana crucial error has arrived to ensure that Logan Moreland (on base with 4 balls) made it 1-0. One point was enough in a match in which there were only 4 hits (2 on each side) in total. The rest was dominated by Lamb (13 K) and some opportunities granted by Limonta (3 base balls), but not exploited by the team coached by Zuleyma Cirimele.





On the cover, in game 2 between MKF Bollate and Italposa Forlì, Caterina Binetti slips to second and Marta Gasparotto fails to make the tag (credit: EzR Nadoc)

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