Varese Women’s Basketball Takes a Dominant Victory Over Pro Patria Busto Arsizio in Derby

It’s a derby without much history that took place last night at the Falaschi in Valle Olona. Anilonti’s team took the stage and the related two points, winning with the final score of 66-59. A result that deceives the progress of the match given that Busto Arsizio’s -7 comes after the result still said +15 for the home team in the 37th minute with a basket from Smaldone. In short, there was essentially no match with Varese already closing the first 10 minutes ahead at 22-14. Then, in the second half comes the final break with the defense conceding only 6 points to the scoundrels while Premazzi and Baiardo push on the accelerator: 40-20 at 20′ and the second half becomes academic with the scoreboard reading 56-35 at 30′ for the blacksilver. All this despite the absence of Faroni and with a narrow gauge Lanzani. On the bustocco front, the performance of Tajè, former player of the match, is worthy of note, scoring 21.

“In the first 2 quarters it was a good match, we are also happy because we managed to overturn the result of the first leg despite having dropped the intensity a bit in the final. The objective between now and the end of the championship is to maintain fourth place in the standings” commented a positive Emma Colombo. “A deserved victory in which in the first 20 minutes we followed our game plan, that is, isolating Rossini, closing the area and playing quickly. We could even have gone +30 in the third quarter, then we started playing rugby and Busto is very strong there. I’ve seen some bad fouls that I don’t like because you risk getting hurt. These are things that should be avoided. Here the last quarter is more like wrestling because in rugby they are more correct” is the comment from coach Anilonti who does not tell her what happened in the last 10 minutes of the match.

Varese Women’s Basketball – Pro Patria Busto Arsizio 66-59 (22-14, 40-20, 56-35)
Varese: Smaldone 6, Rotta 10, Sabatini 2, Vis ne, Lanzani 2, Premazzi 14, Pedoja ne, Baiardo 19, Castiglioni, Fiori, Centrella 3, Colombo 10. All. Anilons.
Busto Arsizio: Garavaglia 2, Tajè 21, Rossini 10, Cremona ne, Castellanelli, Mainini 8, Castiglioni, Quattrocchi ne, Mattei ne, Canciani ne, Colombo 6, Caruso 11. All. Fabrizio.

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2024-04-07 07:08:25
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