Jimmy Connors Supports Nadal’s Decision to Keep Playing

In his latest podcast, Jimmy Connors of course spoke about Nadal.

He approves of the Spaniard’s decision.

According to him, there is really no point in trying to be a player if you still feel diminished.

As for the form of obstinacy that Rafa seems to possess regarding his return, again, Jimmy Connors understands the situation.

It must be said that Jimbo played for a very long time and that he too had great difficulty leaving the circuit by postponing his retirement as long as possible.

« I know how hard it is to let go. No matter what happens, you try to do everything to stay and achieve what you’ve done at the top of the game for so long and so successfully and you know, sometimes it’s hard to let go.”

2024-04-07 18:20:00
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